How to prohibit Linux hosting server users from setting 777 rights

Started by AmitVermaSPS, Dec 05, 2022, 09:45 AM

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AmitVermaSPSTopic starter

Actually, the question is:
Is there any method to prohibit users of a hosting server (based on Linux) to set 777 rights (assign a maximum of 755, for example) on files and directories?

I manage a hosting server, it has already happened twice that users downloaded some left scripts and set the rights to 777 because "something doesn't work", then spam, then the IP address in the blacklist.
I want to protect the server from this type of vulnerabilities.


What is the point of such hosting if I can't upload a file in php there or put a script on the saps? (all this most often requires 777 rights).

alternatively, try mounting the file system with noexec, or you can make the umask weaker for everyone by default (something like umask 000) and at the same time disable chmod for all users to execute and leave it only for the administrator.