Is hosting obliged to remove hаcker sites?

Started by scottpolls, Dec 04, 2022, 12:33 AM

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scottpollsTopic starter

Good day. Recently, I have been receiving messages very often in
the Steam digital distribution service. People who send messages of this nature intend
to gain access to someone else's account through their fake sites like " " or
" "(in turn, the official website has the following address
" "). Thus, account owners incur huge financial losses.
There are many similar sites and, as practice has shown, almost all sites are located on the same hosting. In this regard, I wrote a complaint on this hosting, with a request to somehow track the registration of similar domain names.
The question is: are they obliged to take action? (blocking the site, etc.)


Yes, it depends on the rules, actually, hosting.
Well, partly - from the laws of the country under whose jurisdiction the hosting company is located.
There is a whole class of so-called "abuse-resistant" hosting services that simply ignore any letters with complaints and petitions against their customers. There are even several "levels" of such hosting, at the highest|lowest?)
even if you have child pоrn, even if you have calls for the assassination of the president, nothing will be removed.