A good usability testing service.

Started by Ronny, Sep 13, 2022, 02:02 AM

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Hi all!
Can you suggest me some good usability testing service? Who works with what, what's better, - online services, programs, please share your knowledge in this area.


You can try to order an assessment of freelancers, it's not so expensive, but get a detailed report. The exchanges have such an item.
You specify in the terms of reference, what exactly the parameters you are interested, and for a couple of cents you get the desired result.


Well, exactly crowdsourced  ;D  Today I saw somewhere new services for the usability test, I do not remember where, in FB ad post, in my opinion, I vanguue that in a couple of days here will insert a link to just this service. In fact, I never heard of usability test before, and here 2 times in one day, coincidence? No, I do not think so  ;D  ;D  ;D

Well, seriously, google it, there is definitely a service of this kind, there for a fee people will poke around your site and fill out a form about the convenience and problems. There's rates and packages, like 5, 15 and 30 people to check, I think. I can't remember where I saw it...


Greetings! A site with free hosting can be overcome reg.ru. Where there are several options, such as protection against DDoS attacks, you can try to log in and register your hosting there.

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Quote from: Ali_Pro on Sep 13, 2022, 07:29 AMYou can try to order an assessment of freelancers, it's not so expensive, but get a detailed report
Ali your advice is always on topic and without water! Thank you! I didn't even think about freelancing.

Quote from: -DM- on Sep 13, 2022, 08:16 AMWell, seriously, google it,
There will be no link. :) On your advice googled, found it. Some bullshit, a lot of aspects are not considered - my verdict. I will go to a normal freelance exchange. For 10-20 cents a user will get all that is necessary.

Quote from: johngf on Sep 13, 2022, 08:46 AMA site with free hosting can be overcome reg.ru.
Thank you, I am fine with the site and hosting, I am now more interested in usability and user behavioral factors in the current project.
Well, reg.ru, - yes, not a bad hoster, registrar, and everything. I hope to help someone. :)


A modern tool for usability tests, with which you can collect user reviews from real people involved during testing.
The platform allows you to form a group of users who will provide truthful information about what is good functionality in a particular site, and what you will have to work on additionally.

User Heat map;
Quick feedback from the test group;
Compilation of text surveys for test groups.

A useful online tool for testing web products with the involvement of real users. There is no free plan as such, but you can use some free tests to help track the level of ease of use of the software being created.
With the help of Usability Hub, you can track the logic of visitors' behavior on the site, record their actions, and also view areas where they make mistakes.

The platform's tools include:
Five Second Test – for designers;
Nav Flow – analysis of conversion funnels;
Click Test – checking the number of clicks on the target page.
Such functions and parameters of the platform allow you to get all the necessary knowledge with which you can improve the quality and usability of the website. And this, in turn, helps to attract new users.

This is a remote usability quality testing tool. Easy to use, with which you can quickly and efficiently test the site with the involvement of real users.
You can watch videos of people visiting your site and hear what they think about it. This will allow you to detect errors, problems and difficult areas. You can constantly improve the performance of your site and collect the best products for users with weekly automated tests.

Key advantages:
Testing on a large number of devices;
The ability to compile an unlimited list of test tasks that will be performed by users from the test group.
The tool is available at a reasonable price – for only $ 14 for each user test (of course, there is also a free trial period). In addition, there is no need to recruit new employees, since you get access to a group of more than 15,000 testers from around the world.

Crazyegg is a valuable and well–known tool for visual optimization analysis. It allows you to track user behavior based on mouse clicks. It is also possible to receive feedback in real time.

Heatmap – a map showing which pages of the site the user clicks on;
Scrollmap – shows how far down the page the user has scrolled;
Confetti – comprehensive data about the search engines where the site being checked is indexed.
Users get a free 30-day trial, without having to buy a paid account. The cheapest tariff plan starts at $9 per month.