Can subdomains lower the position of main site

Started by jeyavinoth, Aug 12, 2022, 04:38 AM

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jeyavinothTopic starter

The situation is that. The website hung on page 5-6. During the period of unrest, he moved it to a hosting provider in a more peaceful area of the country. On your good advice, I deleted all pages that are not related to the main topic. I bought 50 pieces of links. The website rushed to 2 pages and so far it is holding on there.

Honestly, I didn't understand what affected: transfer to another hosting provider, cleaning pages that were not related to the main topic, or buying links? But now is not about that.
The previous hosting provider had a forum attached to the website (spammed) on a subdomain, I got rid of spam, but now I doubt whether to attach it again to the site on a new hosting account (suddenly they spam again?) Or take a chance, maybe people will start talking on the topic? Can a subdomain forum downgrade a website's position if it gets spammed again, or does it not affect it?


If the new hosting provider has better hardware and this has affected the website speed for the better, then the hosting gave + to the site
If the traffic came from Google, then the snares were given + to the website (Google loves snares to this day)
cleaning pages not according to the topic could give both + and -... it already depends on the site whether traffic was hit on these pages, etc.

personally, I didn't start creeping a spammed forum to the site, spam seems to affect the trust of the website .. and as for me, it's better to make a forum a separate website and separately manage and moderate it constantly and hard
but generally, if the position of the site has skyrocketed, then everything that you have done has given only + for the website .. why change something?


I am very interested in the details. Here is one of the possible influences:
If your domain is laid out using the secure https protocol, then this does not apply to the subdomain and the subdomain does not open immediately on click in the Yandex search, you need to make an exception.
Many do not want to bother and leave by logging into a subdomain.
I wonder how links from a domain to a subdomain and back work if they are completely different websites?