Can you suggest a plugin for Wordpress to insert the same data in the articles.

Started by Labionda, Sep 11, 2022, 07:41 AM

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LabiondaTopic starter

Greetings all. Faced with a simple task, but I can not think of my own elegant solution, as I just do not have enough knowledge and experience.

Briefly to the point:
There is a site on WP, it has a lot of pages, each of which solves its own problem. In this case, there is a need to display most of these pages certain data, for example a table with the prices of services. It turns out that the same table with the same data must be placed on a large number of pages of the site.

The pitfalls:
There's nothing stopping me from taking the table code and putting it on all the right pages. No problem, even if it's long, even if it's painful, but it's nothing. The biggest problem is that it costs only one price change in this table, as you immediately have to fix it on all pages of the site manually. And here it's not a trifle, and several hours of manual chore, or run update on the database (it's faster, but let's say I can do it, and there are those who can not, and should be a universal way)

Need some help!
In my mind, the ideal solution would be to use some plugin, which would allow to save some blanks in the database... For example the same table with prices and then insert it into records with, say, shortcodes. As a result, I will only have to run and once in the right place on each page, put the desired shortcode is that the table with the prices and all. Then if you need to change the prices - just go to the plugin, find a blank that is called by shortcode, make changes there and they will immediately reflected on all pages of the site.

The only question is whether there is something like this already ready? Perhaps some plugin, or is there any additional functionality that would allow something like this to be implemented?

I thought I could do it with ultimate-shortcode plugin, but the "templates" functionality there is not really what I need... It's just code directly into each entry, in the case of a correction - the changes will not be reflected.

Can someone from the readers of the forum suggest a solution to this problem, I would be grateful.
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Not bad, in my opinion - AdvancedCustomFields (+ ACF. Options Page).
In options, on a special page, you make the blank tables, and in the articles display checkboxes to display the desired table.


Use plugin ads. Automatically insert in all articles or in the desired heading, label, a particular record. Then you won't need to bypass all the articles and put in the shortcode.
For example, AdsPlace'r Pro. You can after the desired paragraph or, if you like, a shortcode with targeting functionality.


I think this is what you need: Shortcoder.

In the admin area do what you need, and then put the necessary shortcode on the pages, and if you want to change the text, etc., just change it in the admin area).

LabiondaTopic starter

Thank you all very much for the advice. As it turned out to solve this situation can be solved in different ways, and through the advertising plugin and through the shortcodes plugin, different from what I found and through the plugin custom fields. It would have taken me more than a day to test and find a solution myself.

Thanks again!
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