Delete the site articles, or rewrite?

Started by SIROTA, Sep 13, 2022, 10:48 AM

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There is another problem: ~400 out of 635 pages give at least minimorum traffic.
Quality of these articles is crap. What should I do?
Delete them or rewrite them?


Rewrite unequivocally, if indexed, delete always have time! Try to give a few to rewrite, only high quality, and see the results.
If it goes, - then do the same with the rest.


Quote from: Ronny on Sep 13, 2022, 11:35 AMRewrite unequivocally, if indexed
You can bust a gut this way. Rewrite or a new site, or delete - probably have to look at the profit, whether it will, and from there already dance around.


Rewriting is not the fact that it will be better. Tried this option, not really helped. I even tried to check it with different services to make sure I did not have water, etc. No special effect. Perhaps we should look in a different direction, such as increasing the trust, authority of the site. The topic was popular a couple of years ago, and now it subsided already, but I do not think that gone.

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Rewrite 100 articles, a couple of months will see whether to continue or not. At the moment, the traffic - 600 unicons a day. I will let you know the results.


Let's try to rewrite 50 pages of them and see how the traffic changes. If it doesn't improve, then it's probably worth deleting all 400, and if it improves, then rewrite them all.


Deleting a large number of articles will definitely affect the search engine search results. I have been doing optimization and promotion for a long time myself, at the expense of articles, without a reference mass (and I brag, quite successfully).
Thus, I devoted myself to studying the influence of articles on the ranking of the site and made an unambiguous conclusion for myself, changing or deleting articles on the site page leads to a deterioration in visibility and, as a rule, a drop in the output.
If the change or deletion of an article is insignificant, then the return to the previous positions will be fast enough, when deleting all the content and writing a new article on it, it will lead to a long fall down and a long recovery.