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Started by arthyk, Oct 23, 2022, 04:34 AM

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Quite often, the customer asks the question: what is better - to contact a professional design studio or use the services of a freelancer? That is, is it worth it to save money and hire a private contractor, perhaps with a good portfolio, but he will probably give some of the work to someone else? Has anyone come across this choice? And what were the reasons for your decision, and what was the result?


Hi. Everything is very individual. It all depends on what you end up wanting. Will there be an escort? And most importantly - what is the budget. As for priorities, first of all look at the portfolio and the quality of work. Yes, freelancing will be cheaper. I am sure that he will be able to solve simpler problems. If it suits you, then why overpay.
Good luck your site!


I turned to a freelancer. There were excellent impressions of cooperation. The result is what I wanted. All wishes are taken into account and fulfilled in full. In addition, a decent saving in price.


Good afternoon! I would like to share my experience . I've dealt with both a Web studio and a freelancer. The developers in the web studio listened to my requirements and offered their options and their vision . Everything was completed on time. For a freelancer, I had to develop a technical task and postpone the deadlines several times. Maybe I got such a freelancer. But draw your own conclusions.


freelancing and web studios are suitable for solving certain tasks, so it all depends on your goals and desires.
The design studio is good because there are certain specialists in the team, thanks to whom it is possible to work out the project more deeply and in detail.

For example, if you need the design of mobile applications or the development of a company's web site, then you need not only a designer, but also a layout designer, a copywriter, a tester and a programmer to complete the task.
You can, of course, hire a freelancer who performs the duties of everyone himself, but it is better to leave this matter for specialists — so the load on everyone will be uniform, and you will be able to carefully work out the project without loss of quality.


Hi freelancers, I also work as a freelancer for several exchanges. Sometimes there are clients who do not want to communicate via direct, they want to communicate via whatsapp skype telegrams, then they demand money for work that is not available.yes, and this happens, but sometimes real clients are not all like that. It is difficult to work as a freelancer. Especially to find the first client, I wish everyone good luck in business