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Started by vikov, Jun 28, 2022, 04:20 AM

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I run a small blog and I keep receiving emails from people who want to guest post on the blog, I'm promised relevant content and one offered to pay $25 per article.

What are the pros and cons of this?
Why do people want to write on my small blog?
Thank you in advance for any help and advice on whether I should proceed with this.


I'd just be careful and make sure you do a proper audit of where the links are going.
You don't want your blog filled up with junk links that have no relevance to the blogs subject matter. This is what a lot of SEO agencies have done in the past and it leads to your domain being removed by Google.
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When your blog is gaining traffic got ranked on many keywords on google. Then, some people search for guest posts and may approach you to post their content on your website and give a backlink to their website which will help them to increase their authority.

Pros -
1. You'll Earn good amount of Money.
2. You'll get to learn many new thing
3. You'll get a plenty of new content.

Cons -
1. if you allow irrelevant articles to be posted on your blog then it'll harm your site.
2. irrelevant blogs can make irrelevant anchor on your site so you'll loose all your rankings.
3. ranking on different topics or niche is difficult
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I would suggest a compromise - you yourself check each article for relevance, as well as all links and where they lead. That is, in fact, you do not allow guest content, but partner content - yes. :)


A guest post is an outreach technique for promoting any websites (services, products). Outreach translates as "outreach, informing, dissemination of views and ideas, outreach." The specialist establishes communication with site owners or other publishers and places content with them. Most often, such content is understood as a post: for example, a guest post on Instagram.

There is a double opinion in the SEO community regarding Guest posts.

In general, according to the above opinions, it is noticeable that there are different SEOs (thank you, Captain Obviousness). In the sense that everyone has different tasks. For example, those who make doorways, it makes no sense to invest in high-quality texts from expensive authors.

However, when it comes to a long—term reputation building strategy, guest posts are a great tool. If the customer and the SEO Jedi jointly chose this promotion technique, 2 main tasks appear:

get content: quickly, a lot, efficiently, on time and at a reasonable price;
post content: safely and efficiently.
Most masters will say that finding a tame neytiv hamster is not the most difficult. It is much more problematic to find a publisher who will agree to post a blog post, and even for free!

From the point of view of SEO outreach, a guest post on a weblog or on a site allows you to increase credibility, add backlinks to the total mass of links and bring traffic to the website. And what is very important is that it will be high–quality traffic, despite the very small average number of visits from each guest post (according to the survey , about 50 pieces).

Therefore, it is possible to understand some specialists who do not believe in outreach links.

But! Guest posts pay off if you want to build credibility and pay more attention to the quality of traffic and leads than to their quantity.

From the point of view of marketing, guest posting is a tool for achieving such goals:

an increase in the number of leads and, as a result, revenue;
getting organic traffic to the company's site;
adding new addresses to the database of email subscribers;
increase brand visibility online.
Thus, weblog posts provide a number of advantages:

The company acquires new connections and contacts. The network of connections is growing — opportunities for promotion are growing.
Positive relationships lead to new requests for cooperation.
New "friends" recommend you to their network of contacts, which is why the audience coverage is growing.
Informative and fascinating content shows your competence and increases the trust of customers.
Let's summarize the main tasks that guest posts solve:

Creating a reputation and brand awareness.
Attracting traffic to the website.
Building backlinks.
If you choose the right content and place it on the right sites, you can complete all three tasks.
Blogs with a large active audience are better suited for the first two. For the third (outreach link), it is worth choosing websites with high domain authority.

In addition to obviously impolite phrases, there are those that can cause a negative reaction, but at the same time they look quite harmless. In order not to get into a mess, look at how certain statements can be interpreted, and try to avoid them in correspondence.
If the negotiations are too long, do not waste precious time – knock on the owners of other websites. The same post can be "sold" to several from the list of weblogs for posting at once. If the first publisher hesitates and responds after some time, there is nothing wrong with honestly saying: "Sorry, you didn't answer for a long time, so the post went to another resource."