How beginner can make money on own site. personal experience

Started by neelseofast, Jul 23, 2022, 12:05 PM

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First thing to think about - what to make a website about? In principle, there can be any subject, but I planned to make a SDL (site for people) from start to finish on my own, relying solely on my own strength. In this scenario, the following considerations should be taken into account:

    The presence of own knowledge in the chosen subject.
    Interest of visitors to the subject.
    The level of competition.
    Website monetization method.

First point is the presence of own knowledge in the chosen subject. Which knowledge do you have at the moment, what can you write about in an interesting and sensible way? If you choose the theme of the site "Pre-war German motorcycles", then how much you can write a unique material on this subject? Where will you get unique photos for the site?
Of course, you can order articles on the exchange, but you will have to invest a pretty penny in the content, and if you do everything yourself, then the subject should correspond to your interests.

Second point is the interest of visitors to the subject. If you dedicate a site to, say, picking blackberries in the forests of Belarus, then you will certainly have targeted visitors. You can write articles about the benefits of blackberries, attach a map of the area indicating places to collect, attach a forum where users will brag about their crops and share recipes for blackberry jam, etc. But how many will there be? Units!
We make a website to make money, and for this we need visitors. And more. So the theme of the site should be of interest to as many Internet users as possible.

Third point is the level of competition. Popular high-frequency requests are often already divided between a narrow circle of sites and it is almost impossible to squeeze in there even in the TOP 50. If your site is dedicated to such a subject as "Plastic windows" or "Prostitutes", then it is impossible to advance in search engines for such queries with the help of content alone.
Therefore, the theme of the site should be, on the one hand, interesting and popular, and on the other hand, it should not be clogged with powerful players who simply will not let you into the sphere of their interests.

Four - a way to monetize the site. How will you monetize your resource? What it will be - contextual advertising, sales links, banners, teasers, etc. It is known that it is difficult to attach an effective affiliate program to some narrowly thematic sites, even with high attendance. Therefore, already at the stage of choosing a subject, you should think about how you will earn money on the site.

Which subject did I take? My choice fell on erоtica. Not explicit pоrn, which is simply disgusting to write about, but erоtica at the level of ancient sculptures and paintings. This subject is always interesting and in demand among users, especially young ones. You can write about it endlessly, hundreds of thousands of photos can be downloaded. The competition is high, but for low-frequency requests, you can collect very decent traffic. It's elementary to monetize – at least with teasers (for this I recommend putting this affiliate program here), at least with corrupt articles.


It's really amusing to read about someone else's experience. I also started on the net as a copywriter - now I'm making a grid of sites. I haven't quit copy writing yet, I have to live on something.

Own experience, got by trial and error, is much more valuable than sophisticated and original advice, than books, than forums.
You just shared your experience, a big plus for you for this.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I, too, at one time was looking for a way to make money on the site. The best thing I came up with was asking for advice from a popular blogger on Facebook (he later banned me because of differences in views). So, he advised to start a lot of simple blogs, and it doesn't matter what topic, the main thing is that they be active, lively ... well, and place ads there - that's it, the whole recipe is from a professional. By the way, I still cannot determine whether he was sincere, or gave out what first came to mind. ???


  Info business as a method of earning online

One of the most profitable ways to earn money on your web site is selling your own or someone else's training video courses. If you are an expert in some field and can tell other people about it, then you can put your knowledge into an electronic format and sell it on your web site. You can even create courses not yourself, but find a person who will do it for you. Then you just need to negotiate with such an expert about prices or a percentage of sales.

In addition to the article on your own site, you can also make a landing page and place a link to the article on it. Thus, you can provide your web site with course advertising for free.

  Earning on affiliate programs

How to make money on your own site using affiliate programs?
At first glance, everything seems to be very easy and simple. You register in partner networks, get an affiliate link, and post it in any form on your web site. A user from your site goes to an affiliate web site, makes a purchase there, and you get a percentage of it.

But if you dig deeper, you can find significant disadvantages:
After the user clicks on the link, he must still spend his money on the partner site (and it is not easy to achieve this);
Affiliate percentages are never very large.
But there are much more pluses and they cover all the minuses:

There are a lot of affiliate programs – almost all such services offer a soy program;
This is passive earnings (you just need to post a link, and all other actions take place without the intervention of the administrator);
The link to the partner site can be placed not only on your site, but generally anywhere on the Internet (forums, blogs, send in letters).
How much web site owner will earn on the affiliate program depends only on him – on his activity and ability to work.
You can even create full-fledged sites for affiliate programs.

  Sale of access to closed resources
If you have an informational website or a web site where you post your professional secrets that are in demand among the audience, then one of the ways to earn money will be to restrict access to the most valuable and unique resources. You can do this in the form of a subscription: the user pays a certain fixed amount per month and has the opportunity to open and read all the materials on your site.
This method is great for web site owners who are professionals in a narrow niche, where there is not much information published in the public domain yet.


Thanks for sharing your experience :)  It was quite entertaining thing to read.
Your choice of erоtica topic is curious, but clever. Only cute kittens pics can compete with this sphere ;D
As for me, I would like to create a website for communication, contatining a lot of forums and topics