How do I start a DeFi NEB business?

Started by sandyphillps, Oct 09, 2022, 09:29 PM

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NEB is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform, including deposits, loans, leveraged mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing head mining, automatic compound interest and a series of DEFI behaviors to help users make stable and continuous profits

Make money logic:
🔔1. The profit logic of DEFI NEB is that the tokens earned by depositing U to the mining pool group LP will be settled into stable tokens such as USDT or BUSD. Users do not need to worry about the fluctuation of the currency price. The core of DEFI NEB is to deposit U to earn. U
🔔2, through various combination strategies, quickly switch mining pools, automatic compound interest, automatic position adjustment, leverage integrated transactions to earn stable income
Check security:
First of all, you must learn a certain blockchain knowledge and how to identify the security and sustainable benefits of the project. Take the DEFI sector as an example, generally three points are enough.
🔔1, Is it true decentralization (NeB has)
🔔2, depends on whether the source of income is reasonable and traceable (NeB has)
🔔3, depends on whether the smart contract is safe or not, and the smart contract depends on the audit
(NeB has, CK audit, BSC smart chain)
The source of income can be checked by everyone on the chain, and it is clear
All revenue sources come from mining pools and can also be queried on the chain
Smart contract see CK audit report
How are the benefits:
🔔1, Daily chemical income: 0.5%
🔔2, the annualized estimate can reach 300%+, with an average of 20.1% in one month, 1000 investment, an average of 201 per month and 2420 per year; the annualized APY can reach up to 300%
🔔3, the principal can be withdrawn at any time, and the income part can be locked for seven days. After the seven days, it can be withdrawn, and the withdrawal fee is 5/1000; Seven days, only lock the income, not the principal)
Where does the income come from:
🔔1, There are many ways to obtain profits. Users can complete a series of Defi behaviors such as intelligent deposits, loans, leveraged mining, grabbing head mines, and automatic compound interest in NEB to generate profits.
Which mining pools are connected to:
🔔1, MDEX, PANCAKE and other mainstream mining pools, details can be found on DAPP