How do you find web designers?

Started by gurujeet, Jul 18, 2022, 10:01 AM

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Please tell me what is the determining criterion for you when choosing a web designer?

How to learn to trust a freelancer? Studios?
Who do you prefer to work with (digital agency with managers, freelancer, studios)?



Trial and error is the surest way to search a good specialist.
Generally, if I need to do some kind of project, I select a person based on reviews. And it would be ideal to talk with him by Skype, you can understand a lot from live speech.

Neither good relations, nor friendship, nor participation in profits, nor decent pay, nor the presence of a portfolio, and even completed, do not guarantee a good job (now or in the future)


I've just placed a few projects on a freelancing sites and waited for respond. Studios is really expensive and actually you can't even trust them 100%.


Sites similar to Behance are great for searching for a designer. Both for the implementation of one work and for concluding a long -term contract. You look at the posted portfolio. Then choose the right one. Or you find a designer through friends - my friend found the colorists for her manga
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Studying the portfolio.
One evaluation criterion is often used: whether you like the work or not. This criterion is suitable if you have a task to create a promo web site, or a business card for yourself, and you are looking for a web designer with the most beautiful and suitable works in your opinion. And if you need an online store, or a conversion landing page? It is worth connecting other evaluation criteria.

The first dialog.
When you have chosen the performer, asked him your questions, then you should see what questions he asks. It is important. If the contractor does not ask any questions after the start of the work, there are two ways: either you have given a detailed TOR with a description of everything you need, or the person is a layman.

Because how can he do something qualitatively without plunging into a niche, without understanding.
Some people think that if the performer does not ask questions, then he is a pro, but no. Most likely, he took your sketch, prototype, or text, and immediately went to do web design. As a result, you may even get a beautiful web design that you accept, but who said it would be thoughtful and effective?

Initiative is also important, which many freelancers I have encountered lack. You have to tell everything, show it, fix the mistake yourself, think of something yourself, it's not always possible to identify this moment at the start, but if you feel that the whole initiative comes from you, then it's better to stop before it's too late and look for another performer.

It is also important that the contractor makes an estimate that includes: the amount (or hourly price), stages of work, deadlines for each stage, what is included and not included in the work, how communication will be built, etc.
Each performer has their own list, but it definitely shouldn't look like this: "5 days, 10 tr. Are we working?". If the project is very small, for instance, you need to make a banner or a preliminary estimate is being made, then this is appropriate, in other cases — not.

This is especially important if you are going to work under a contract, and it also shows the contractor's approach to work. The less the estimate is described, the more pitfalls may arise, and a professional web designer already knows this, and describes all the details in the estimate.

For instance, he can say that the author's illustrations are not included in the work. If this is not discussed in advance, problems may arise.
To evaluate the quality of work, connect additional evaluation criteria. Watch what questions the performer asks and how he approaches the work. See that the estimate does not consist of two words, otherwise pitfalls may surface in the process of work. I hope these three tips will save you money and time.