SEO site design and what a designer should know besides design

Started by Selmash, Jul 15, 2022, 01:42 AM

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Does the designer have to know about SEO and how to help the client think through the site?
What should I do? Is it necessary to study something additionally or is it worth engaging specialists?
Or maybe right at the first meeting to tell customers that you do not know anything about it and give contacts to SEO?


The most important thing a designer should be able to do is add a little magic to his work.
A little magic. Magic is the totality of the ideal, the totality of all your steps, all your talents. Well-chosen meanings, well-built hierarchy, relevant fonts, well-made by good web  designers, then the right pictures (unique, beautiful), again suitable in meaning and emotion, and color.

And collectively, magic is your experience. The experience is not so much design, but in general how wide your horizons are.
You can take some things from completely non-design industries and it will affect you. That will be the magic that the user will not notice, but will feel. So what do you really need to become a designer? Broad horizons!

To know all that and be able to do it, you need to practice a lot. Taking courses is a matter of course. Although I didn't dare to get a job even after them. Only when I practiced as a freelancer for about a year. I was lucky that one of the new digital agencies was recruiting newcomers and I got an internship with them.
A month later I stayed for a full-time job. Even before that, I performed many diverse test tasks so that the management could assess what skills I possess.


I'm a Squarespace designer as well, but for SEO, I recommend hiring a newbielink: [nonactive] because they have the technical know-how to optimize your site and obtain higher rankings in search result pages.


Well, first of all, the client shouldn't "think" the site - that's the designer's job. Secondly, SEO and design are completely different things. Of course, it is necessary to involve an SEO specialist in the work on the site. The main task of the designer is to determine as precisely as possible the desires of the client and the essence of his activity. ;)