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Hello! Please tell me how much web design services cost and approximately how long does it take?


It is difficult to name the exact amount, it all depends on the amount of work and experience of the specialist. An hourly web designer can charge anywhere from $14 to $30 an hour. If you pay per page, then from $200 to 400  for each page and plus $50-70  for each unique additional page.


The question of payment strongly depends on the complexity of the task. On average, the payment goes from 15-20$ per hour of work. Well, it should be borne in mind that the presence of an accumulated base will increase payment.


Globally , the cost of design is determined by two factors:

The number of hours that you need to spend on work. Depends on the scope and complexity of the project.
The cost of an hour of specialist work. Depends on the performer's qualifications. For instance, an experienced designer will create not just a "beautiful" design that the customer will like.
It will make the site user-friendly. It will be easy for them to find the necessary information, place an order or leave a request.

Design is not only beauty, but also convenience. You can make a beautiful site that will be difficult to use. Visitors will leave it without buying anything (and the purpose of any commercial site is to promote sales).
Not all clients are willing to pay designers an hourly rate. Therefore, most often they call a fixed price for web site design. However, in his head, the designer roughly calculates how much time he will spend on the project, and this affects the budget.

Factors affecting the price of a website design:
The number of screens in the layout (the more, the more expensive the design).
The presence or absence of interactive elements (drop-down menus, sliders, and others).
The presence of such elements makes the work more expensive.

The number of elements on the page (menus, forms, filters, buttons, etc.). Each element needs to be drawn, so the more elements – the higher the cost of the design.
The number of layouts for adaptive layout (for devices with different screen resolutions). For example, if you need one layout for PC and one for mobile devices, it will be one price.
If you need layouts for different devices (smartphones and tablets) – the price will be higher.
The number of design options. Previously, customers were offered 2-4 options to choose from. Now they usually make a prototype, then one version of the layout, since there is no need to do 2-3 (at the prototype stage, the main issues are being resolved and agreed upon).
site type: design for an online service or online store will be more expensive than design for a business card website or personal blog.