How to make a one-page site yourself?

Started by Riamoto, Sep 15, 2022, 09:00 AM

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I need to fix a few small sites and one shitty site.
Many of them don't validate at all and don't display well on mobile devices. The sites were made about 7 years ago.
Maybe there is a service/engine or builder that search engines like, and which can easily transfer content to display everything properly on mobile devices as well?


Typically, one-page sites are used to quickly and efficiently advertise a product or service.
For such purposes, I most often use and services.


Quote from: Riamoto on Sep 15, 2022, 09:50 AMa service/engine or builder
There are a lot of such cases, look it up by searching. About love search engines - there's no such thing, sort of. On the contrary, the code may be too awkward and heavy.
In general, refactoring is a manual work that leads to the desired result.
Otherwise you might fail to solve the main issue and get a lot of other issues.

That's all - my personal opinion.


Quote from: Riamoto on Sep 15, 2022, 09:50 AMservice/engine or builder
A good single page - this PSD layout + adaptive layout. Well, and a little enticing, "selling" phrases for this banding. The question price is 80-180 bucks.

Quote from: Quintus on Sep 15, 2022, 10:19 AMI most often use and services.

Tilda can also. There's even a schoolboy can do the job.
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Quote from: Labionda on Sep 15, 2022, 09:38 AMThe question price is 80-180 bucks
Where did you see such prices - on a freelance or what?
800-1000 dollars, no less.
Design, layout, programming. Now you do not just order a statics, and SPA. And it's not even just a simple control engine, but a real one-page application, where you can have anything, including complex logic. There is no ceiling on the price.

Quote from: Quintus on Sep 15, 2022, 09:12 and services
Yes, not bad, but the customer wants a more serious job.


I daresay that if the creator wants to resurrect a landing page that was made 7 years ago, he doesn't have from $ 1000 extra for "design, layout, programming".
My imho - use any designer, preferably one from which the site can then be extracted (this is generally very important!) And do not suffer. :)

The real price of a good landing page in the studio - 1000 - 2000 $.


Tilda [nofollow] is well suited for building single-page web sites.
And standard, consisting of ready-made blocks, and with an individual design. Perhaps this is the best scenario for using this engine, everything else in it is not so convenient to do. All ready-made templates are single-page, the quality is quite good, they are adaptive and can be fine-tuned. The service's visual editor is good, it allows you to fine-tune the margins between elements inside the block, the size of sections, buttons, fonts, animations, etc. Zero Block allows you to create sections from scratch yourself, here you can get a unique page design. A great thing for designers, although it does not play a special role for beginners, you need experience for competent use.

Tilda supports code insertion, as well as integration of various web services through settings. There is a built-in CRM for collecting all incoming applications and maintaining a customer base. Simple, but quite good. In terms of SEO and analytics, the engine is a strong middling – everything you need is present, but there are no special, proprietary tools for simply configuring promotion, launching contextual advertising from the control panel. Payment and logistics systems can be connected.
There is access to the API, as well as the ability to download page files to the archive on a PC. There are no specialized landing chips like A/B tests, conversion funnels, countdown timer for promotions, the possibility of adding pop-ups is not provided.

A high-quality visual editor that allows you to flexibly customize the design and structure of the page;
Nice-looking adaptive templates;
The ability to develop your own sections using Zero Block;
API access, the ability to integrate external services through code and interface;
Built-in CRM with a basic level of capabilities;
A store module with the ability to configure delivery and accept payment online;
The ability to export web site files as an archive;
The possibility of free, albeit limited, free use;
High-quality reference section.

Lack of specialized landing tools for increasing and analyzing conversions;
The technical support service is slow and does not always respond correctly to user requests;
The cost is above average.