How to shuffle a few dozen blocks of text?

Started by Term, Sep 09, 2022, 11:37 AM

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Good day colleagues! There are several blocks of text (3-4 words). Such blocks of about 50 - 60, and they are unique. Roughly speaking, they must be shuffled so that there are different texts from these blocks.

I am sure there is a service for such tasks, if anyone has come across suggest plz.


Hello. If you mean an online service, then I can suggest this one: Ready (mixed) text can be displayed as a list, table, or separated by commas. Sentences can then be highlighted based on first capital letters. :)

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Quote from: arthyk on Sep 10, 2022, 05:53 AMsuggest this one:

Thank you, very interesting collection of services.
I tried "Shuffle the order of a list". Not quite right, but maybe...
Also interested in "Shuffle letters in words". It's a joke, but I'll put it somewhere.

Actually, it's a one-time thing. Thought I might use some kind of php script.


Well, if it's just a one-time thing... Kutools for Excel can help you.
It has this functionality. The trial version is 60 days. It's enough if you want to process something once.


I don't even know of programs that could help with this.
If I had to do this work, it would be done by hand. After all, these blocks should be similar in essence in order to get a readable text. Yes, and 60 blocks is not so much.