How to start developing a website design?

Started by Enot, Jul 24, 2022, 08:52 AM

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I have a site selling accessories, but the design is already outdated, so I want to change it, tell me where to start and, if possible, describe in detail.


From the design, or at least from the concept of the site. Even just to sketch on paper what pages will be, how they will be interconnected with each other, what are the intended use cases step by step.
Further, you make up the whole thing in general terms, but close to what you want to have in the end. Well, then it's already iterative: you write, think, correct / redo, think, etc.


It would be nice, of course, to have some experience in creating a site from scratch, but in general, it seems to me that there are two ways:
1. Creation of the site concept from scratch, i.e. total update with saving only the site database. That is, you are looking for (inventing) the entire interface from the layout to the palette, as if you are creating a new site.
2. Without affecting the main structure (buttons, links, links, general concept), you simply redraw (select images) to an existing interface. You are doing cosmetic repairs.
Well, the details are already a purely design issue, and I don't see the point here, I assume you already have some experience in this matter. ;)
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What image will the visitor have after visiting your site? The first impression has a direct impact of the site design on the visitor.
A well-thought-out and well-drawnsite web design is a memorable and vivid picture, as well as to suit its functionality.
We will review all the stages involved in creating a website design, and the necessary tools will be presented.,
Let's define what will be web design of your resource?
first of all, let's define the tasks of web site:

For instance, web design of an online store is distinguished by its functionality and convenience for the buyer, therefore it does not contain bright flashing objects that can distract the visitor from buying, if a bright banner is not a marketing ploy. An unprocessed, dull design will also not encourage the client to view the product in the catalog on the web site and buy it. 

The design of a business card site, unlike the design of an online store, is of an entertaining nature. therefore, it should be remembered..To create a business card web site, starting with web design, should be a specialist who takes into account the principle of: uniqueness; on the principle of necessity and sufficiency of elements on the page; will form a positive perception of the product among visitors to the site. The design of the business card site contains a color palette that is pleasant to perceive. Competent design will emphasize the corporate style of the company, create a noble image.

What are the first steps when creating a site design?

Let's decide on a tool that will help you create a web site. Most often, preference is given to Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop. Knowledge of css and html will be faithful helpers.
The second stage is to develop the concept of the web page project. At this point, we determine the content of each page, the style and color palette. The uniqueness of your ideas is the main foundation of web site.

At the third stage, we create template blanks. An editor using raster graphics will help you create a title.
At the fourth stage, we load web design elements. Page design elements are also worked out when creating a site design.
When developing the design, we take into account the specifics of the Internet resource. An online store, a catalog site, a portal has a classic structure, ease of navigation.

Creating a promo design is practiced in designing web pages
Promo design is the rendering of the most complex elements, icons of the main page of web site. There is no need to remind you that web design should still be entrusted to a specialist who has a sense of taste, measures, experience with special programs. You need to understand that the female and male vision of site design is different, so given the specifics of the business, make the right choice.