How to start learning Web design?

Started by RazeL, Oct 06, 2022, 02:13 AM

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Hello guys! Some time ago I decided to start learning Web design. After a while of searhing some info about this stuff, I got tired and frustrated, because didn`t find anything for really beginners. That`s why I want to ask for help. If anyone has some tips, you will be able to share it for me and others ;)


Good idea you have. Very promising profession. Of course, you will have to spend some time, it all depends on the basic knowledge you already have on the topics that are somehow related to your desire.
To begin with, I recommend reading this article.


* Understand the key concepts of visual design
* Know the basics of HTML
* Understand CSS
* Learn the foundation of UX design
* Familiarize yourself with UI design
* Understand the basics of creating layouts
* Learn about typography
* Put your knowledge into action and build something
* Get a mentor


What do you need to know in order to create high-quality web design?

In the first place, these are programs for creating websites. This is Adobe Photoshop CC or Sketch for Mac OS. Knowledge of these programs in the field of web design will allow you to quickly and efficiently create layouts.
In second place is typography. This is one of the most difficult subjects in design, and is the biggest and most frequent problem for novice web designers. Typography includes working with the text, its correct design, as well as the interaction of the text with the visual impression of the site. Carries the general message of the site.
In third place in importance is graphics. After all, high-quality work with pictures and photographs makes layouts really bright and memorable, so to speak, the "face" of the designer in the portfolio when a potential customer judges you as a performer. And if you have competent typography and original graphics on your layout, then success is almost guaranteed to you.

Psychology can be singled out in the fourth place. After all, the designer must know the basics of psychology in order to understand how the user behaves on the site, how he reacts to certain combinations of colors, the layout elements and navigation. After all, only with a competent arrangement of elements, knowledge of composition, psychology, the design turns out not only beautiful, but also useful. And this is what we need!

The fifth place in our top is occupied by technology. These are the basics of HTML, CSS and JS. That is, the designer should be a bit of a frontend developer. After all, in order to create a layout, the designer must understand how it will be implemented in the layout and how it will work in the code: animation, which scripts can be used, how you can submit a drop-down element, as well as know which elements and how they should be programmed.
Also, a web designer should not forget about trends. Fashion and design trends change every year.
That is why the designer should be aware of what is fashionable and relevant now, and what is currently the most effective in the field of web design.