How to start self-learning web design?

Started by fjdj5, Aug 26, 2022, 09:08 AM

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Good afternoon. I decided to make money from web design. I am very interested in this topic, but so far I am very poorly versed in this. Please advise where to start learning. Preferably free sources of information. And then how do you start making money? Tell us about your experience


master the general theory and get basic knowledge about websites.

General theory

Color theory. Psychology of perception of shades and their combinations. The ability to manage attention with the help of color, to select palettes.
The basics of composition (how to position blocks relative to each other).
Typography. The ability to choose fonts, build a hierarchy (title – subtitle – main text).
Basic knowledge about websites

How they work, what they consist of, how they are created. What are there (landing pages, corporate websites, catalogs, online stores, etc.).
The basics of usability, the ability to look at the site through the eyes of the user.


To learn web design, at least you need a computer. You need to have a taste for creativity, well, and a little analytics. After we need Photoshop, Adobe XD and Figma. The main topics to study are compositions, typography, interface, colors and style choices.