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Started by Иван, Jul 13, 2022, 09:05 AM

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I want to start learning HTML. Can you suggest any books or courses for learning HTML? Maybe you have some tips for a beginner. And what you need to know to work with sites other than HTML?


There are the following books on HTML and CSS:

1. B. Lawson, R. Sharp — Learning HTML 5.
2. P. Lubbers — HTML 5 for professionals.
3. C. Mussiano, B. Kennedy — HTML & XHTML. Detailed guide.
4. Ben Henick — HTML and CSS are the way to perfection.
5. Drones.В.-.HTML .5.CSS.3.and.Web 2.0.Development.modern.Web sites.


I advise you to start by studying the entire process of creating a site and creating HTML, find out what tags and attributes are for, their types and applications.
These books will help make your learning process easier: "Learning HTML, XHTML, and CSS (Head First). Elizabeth Robson, Eric Freeman"; "Creating custom websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Robin Nixon" or "HTML5 and CSS3 for dummies. Chris Minnick, Ed Tittel".


This is a multi-stage process, but once you start, then you yourself will easily determine both the direction of study and auxiliary tools: books, specialized web resources, videos. For example, I finally decided that video tutorials are most convenient for me, on YouTube in particular. Not even a special professional can significantly advance your abilities, knowledge and skills in any field.
The only advice about books - pay attention not to the amount of knowledge presented, but to the convenience of reading, the availability of material for you. :D


My advice to you is to start by learning how to create a website and HTML, determine what tags and attributes are for, their types and scope. Book: Learning HTML, XHTML and CSS. Elizabeth Robson, Eric Freeman. ;)


1/ video tutorials in the furnace!
2/ books - "100 main principles of design. How to keep your Attention" by Susan Weinshank, Bestsellers series Peter O'Reilly Publishing House, etc.
3/ websites


We study HTML, XHTML and CSS (Head First). Elizabeth Robson, Eric Freeman
The book We study HTML, XHTML and CSS (Head First)

Shows with simple examples how to start making web sites from scratch. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. However, you should not consider this textbook as a modern reference. That is more of a fundamental book on the basics. The latest edition covers the basics of HTML 5 programming. There are many illustrative examples and screenshots.

A large CSS book. David McFarland
The new Big CSS Book

The latest edition of the book will help you understand the basics of HTML, but its main goal is to create fast and dynamic pages using CSS3 markup. The book can be considered as a reference guide. It will be useful for both layout designers and web designers. There are code examples on the pages, as well as screenshots from real web sites.

We create dynamic sites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Robin Nixon
Book Creating Dynamic Websites

A large reference book that will help you understand the work of the site at the software and server level. In the latest edition, the reader can study such software environments as: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. He will understand the principles of the MySQL database, learn how to work with cookies, and also use AJAX calls to increase the speed of loading site pages. The book will be useful for experienced users who already understand the basic principles of layout.

HTML5. Development of applications for mobile devices. Estelle Vale
The HTML5 book. Development of applications for mobile devices

An explanatory guide for mastering the mechanisms of web sites and mobile applications. The book also presents the layout and markup languages: HTML5 and CSS3. The principles of operation of a set of APIs are considered.

The author focuses on creating pages that will load quickly and display correctly in all known operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone. At the same time, the layout "will not fly away" and will not get lost on the monitor of a PC, laptop or smartphone.

HTML and CSS. Development and design of sites. John Duckett
The HTML and CSS book. Website development and design

A handy guide to working with HTML and CSS. There are a lot of visual examples with fragments of real code on the pages. That approach allows you to quickly understand the principles of page layout and markup. The book is written according to the principle: "how to build a website from scratch." The book will be useful for novice webmasters and designers to read.

A great book of web design. Terry Felke-Morris
The Big Book of Web Design

The book is written to create web sites that will look equally good on a regular monitor or on the display of a smartphone and tablet. In the latest edition, the reader can get acquainted with the principles of HTML layout, study the work of CSS style sheets. There are also RGB comparison tables. Special sections – the principles of search engines and monetization of web sites. Studying these chapters will allow you to extract real benefits from the Internet project.

The book will be useful for webmasters of different levels, as well as designers.

HTML5 and CSS3. Website development for all browsers and devices. Ben Frane
The HTML5 and CSS3 book. Website development for all browsers and devices

This book focuses on cross-platform. The author shows by examples how you can make an excellent and fast site that will be displayed correctly in different browsers and on the screens of different devices. The pages describe the principles of working in HTML5 and CSS3. Layout and markup are analyzed using the example of one site. It is laid out in blocks from the first to the last page. The publication will be interesting for novice webmasters.

How to create a website. Comics-a guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress. Nate Cooper, Kim Ji
The book How to create a website. Comics guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress

That masterpiece of learning the basics of web programming has earned high praise among readers and netizens. The book is designed as a comic book with short stories. After each separate topic with pictures, there is an explanation with pieces of code and screenshots. The comic book is clear and simple. It was appreciated by both аdults and schoolchildren.
The pages of the publication describe the principles of HTML and CSS. There is a separate theme for CMS WordPress. The book will be of interest to readers who are just beginning to explore the world of web programming. It is also suitable for school-age children and teenagers.

HTML5 and CSS3 for dummies. Chris Minnick, Ed Tittel
HTML5 and CSS3 Book for dummies

A book with a telling title. It is aimed at complete beginners. On the page of the publication, the principles of HTML5 and CSS3 are described in detail. In the latest edition there are a lot of pictures, practical tips, recommendations for creating sites. The tutorial is designed for beginners. Experienced webmasters are unlikely to find anything new for themselves.

CSS for the pros. Keith Grant
CSS Book for pros

From the title of the book, it becomes clear that it is aimed at a deep dive into the topic of cascading CSS style sheets. The publication can be considered as a reference book. The book will be useful for experienced webmasters and designers.
Beginners can take additional examples and explanations from it when working with simpler editions. The book contains descriptions of the principles of WebPack, Flex and Grid, as well as methods for selecting optimal fonts.