Important tips on creating an ideal website design

Started by Padonag, Jun 20, 2022, 02:53 AM

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To design a professional website, it is important to boost revenue and keep your website viable through posting a good content with high quality. It will help you succeed over competitors. Here I want to share some critical tips which will help you to design a striking website to fulfill the needs of the customers:

-   Always use clear hyperlinks in your website and provide easy navigation and Menu through which users can move easily from one page to another.
-   Use the simple graphics and aninmations in your website design because high graphics take much time for loading and visitors leave your website quickly and will never visit in the near future.
-   Give complete information of the product or services in small paragraphs because it is very easy to read and interpret by the visitors.
-   Create the responsive design of the website which is preferred  on all kinds of platforms and devices and latest browsers.
-   Use the simple fonts for displaying the content on the site and never use stylish fonts for the content.
-   Design your website in such a way which is easy to scan.
-   Avoid the broken links as well as 404 Page Not Found Errors from the website. And also give the proper internal links on your website.
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Agreed with all the points. Very useful and good to go. But actually there is one missing point in my opinion and that is most important in my mean which is content.
Website content must be very professional and healthy that keep attract your customer or visitors.  As content will be the king in future.


Make sure each page in your website has something valuable to offer.
Don't distract your visitors with blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs, or auto-loading sound.

Don't annoy your visitors with pop-up windows.
Don't use put text over image backgrounds.
Put some thought into organization.
Limit page length to 2 screenfuls, or 6-7 screenfuls for articles.
Minimize clicking!
Include a way to get back to the home page, on every page.

Include a menu on every page.
Don't use frames.
Compress your image files.
Don't let flashy multimedia ruin your site.
No line of text should be more than about 650 pixels wide.
Don't make your page too narrow or too wide.
Use contrasting colors or simple backgrounds to make your text easy to read.
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Hi! In my opinion, the perfect web design will be perfect if you really love this business. Then the ideas will not leave you. Well, I also want to add: follow the trends.


Thank you for this advices, the most important thing is to do eveything faithfully but actually these are the based things that no one should forget about


Each section of your website should tell a story and have meaning and purpose. Site sections should help the content by highlighting the most important components in the story. Ideally, there should not be too many of them, it should all come down to a simple question "What can I do here?" Imagine the easiest website and start adding components to this layout as needed. You'll be amazed at how hard it really is to keep things simple.

Designers dictate how users search the Net. It's part of our job to decide how many steps a user has to take to complete a task.
Surely, most designs have caught on because of their effectiveness, but some are still around simply because no one has taken the time to rethink them. It is very decisive to occasionally change the installed components of the website and work on improving them.


It can be the best way to represent the business online and reach maximum customers. You need to properly portray the services and products you offer on the website. Web design is something that lets you capture the attention of the people towards your site. The design will be dealt with by all the people of the organization and users.
No matter, how advanced features you are providing, a well-designed website is key. This is the thing that will be first observed by visitors. Therefore, nobody wants to compromise with the design of the website.
It includes the proper arrangements of icons, images, symbols, layout to make it alluring:

1. Visual hierarchy - One of the most important things about web design. Your website will have a lot of information and you need some to highlight as an order.

2. Use white space - Another very important point that you need to consider while making designs for websites. Many designers ignore the importance of white space and never look for that, however, it has great value.

3. Consider mobile devices - Important Tips to Make an Ideal Web Design. Your website doesn't need to only be visited on the computer screen. Today, most people have mobile phones and use that only. Unable to fulfill this requirement will lose your customers. Because nobody wants to experience a bad layout and design.

4. Easy to navigate - undeniably, there would be plenty of web pages on the site, all of this must be properly navigated. It's a sign of the ideal and well-maintained website.

5. Minimalistic design - a simple but properly designed website is the key that should be followed. Limit the use of bold colors, fancy fonts, images in websites, use it only required. The overuse of it makes it complex. So, keep this thing in mind while making a design for websites.