Is it possible to design a website if there is no talent?

Started by Ekatherina, Aug 12, 2022, 12:01 PM

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Generally, now I am faced with the problem of making sites and making the design as unique as possible.
And if there are no special problems with layout designers, then designers are either very expensive or not good.

In this connection, the question is - is it very difficult to learn minimal web design, or can there be some template ways (design constructors, etc.) to make a more or less unique site design?

By design, I mean not just finding a logo on the Internet and cutting it into a header for myself - but maybe some kind of rendering of elements, etc.

I explain chaotically, but I hope somebody will somehow direct me where to dig in which area.


TS, I share today's adventure.
The company's site is about 9 years old, during that time no one has dealt with it. Google does not like it. Well, while the coronavirus has not yet slept to the end, I decided to update it a little. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, and about $500 thrown to the wind,

I stupidly took the template from the WordPress repository and started editing it. I stupidly took all the pictures in the search and mirrored them, my logos (even when the company was doing a competition), changed colors. As a result, after having killed for that 2 days and almost finished, the uniqueness of the site is 100%. So from the bitter experience of a person who is easier to pay, I advise you to just do it yourself.
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As far as I am familiar with the issue, it is not easy to create an original design from templates. Again, depends on your ability. For example, I have found my ability to best create multi-layered original images in Photoshop. But not more. On the other hand, creating a full-fledged website design from scratch is also a non-trivial task. Therefore, there is only one advice: do what you do best and do not listen to "experienced" designers. The only worthy critic is the client, the end user. ;)