Is it possible to design a website if there is no talent?

Started by Ekatherina, Aug 12, 2022, 12:01 PM

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Generally, now I am faced with the problem of making sites and making the design as unique as possible.
And if there are no special problems with layout designers, then designers are either very expensive or not good.

In this connection, the question is - is it very difficult to learn minimal web design, or can there be some template ways (design constructors, etc.) to make a more or less unique site design?

By design, I mean not just finding a logo on the Internet and cutting it into a header for myself - but maybe some kind of rendering of elements, etc.

I explain chaotically, but I hope somebody will somehow direct me where to dig in which area.


TS, I share today's adventure.
The company's site is about 9 years old, during that time no one has dealt with it. Google does not like it. Well, while the coronavirus has not yet slept to the end, I decided to update it a little. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, and about $500 thrown to the wind,

I stupidly took the template from the WordPress repository and started editing it. I stupidly took all the pictures in the search and mirrored them, my logos (even when the company was doing a competition), changed colors. As a result, after having killed for that 2 days and almost finished, the uniqueness of the site is 100%. So from the bitter experience of a person who is easier to pay, I advise you to just do it yourself.
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As far as I am familiar with the issue, it is not easy to create an original design from templates. Again, depends on your ability. For example, I have found my ability to best create multi-layered original images in Photoshop. But not more. On the other hand, creating a full-fledged website design from scratch is also a non-trivial task. Therefore, there is only one advice: do what you do best and do not listen to "experienced" designers. The only worthy critic is the client, the end user. ;)


Quote from: Ekatherina on Aug 12, 2022, 12:01 PMbut I hope somebody will somehow direct me where to dig in which area.

Install Wordpress, take some favorite theme, play with it a bit, if the settings allow. Then you install some kind of visual editor, like Elementor. Try and edit. Looking for a plugin that allows you to edit the appearance through CSS, well, for example, SiteOrigin CSS. You get the look you want.
Well, and with Photoshop will need, of course, to play around.
In general, given the huge number of plugins for WP, which have already created different authors, we understand that the scope for creativity is infinite.
You're going to do it for yourself, right? With your own hands.
Believe me, it's just interesting. :)


somebody have genetic inclinations for a certain craft, for example, a high height for basketball, a certain muscle arrangement for bodybuilding, etc.
And yes. People with predispositions often do not use them because they were given to them easily. But now we will not consider genetics and geeks.
Why am I writing this? I often get a personal question, do I need talent to master web design.
Is it possible to do without it or is everything lost?
Let's be honest. What is talent in fact? This is a common human skill that can be developed. Through work and stuffing cones, practice and practice again will help in this.

And web design is no exception here. Go to the behance web site, select a few designers whose work you like. Do not rush to think: Well, bleat, just like there is talent!
Squander it on the first jobs. If he has not yet removed his firstborn, then you will see how much progress the person has made. Is it clearer now?

Then why the hell are some growing so fast, while others are floundering on the spot?
I think first of all, past experience and hobbies play here. If you drew a lot, or for example studied to be an architect, then in any case, the sense of taste and composition will be slightly higher than that of someone who was in sports all his childhood.
In turn, the former athlete will have more stubbornness and desire to win, which is also important in the development of the designer. Perhaps it also has an influence on where a person was born, what surrounded him, what books he read and what inspired him.

And secondly: the one who grew up faster, just practiced more.
All this leads to the fact that, whatever you did as a child and wherever you were born. Web design is just some general rules and regular work. Even the sense of taste is easily developed with the help of watching.


Of course you can. When creating a website, you don't need talent, but knowledge and skills. Yes, this is not the easiest idea. However, it's worth it. It is better to start with small simple sites to gain experience. And then improve your skills. The main thing is not to give up.


I would like to share my experience in website development. This topic has become interesting. I began to study various methods of creating a website on the Internet. It turned out that it is not necessary to have a talent in the design field or to know a programming language. Currently, there are a lot of designers to create a website. All you have to do is drag the blocks of interest and visually observe how your site will look, fill it with text and that's it. Thinking to cope even a child. And if this is very difficult for you, then it remains only to look for a master for this work.