Is this the designer's task?

Started by arthyk, Oct 03, 2022, 07:10 AM

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Question more to the pros. Can the requirements from the customer to increase the searchability of the site through search engines and improve profitability indicators be attributed to the requirement for the designer to improve the design of the site? In general, the boss has the same requirements. So, in your opinion, are these requirements for a designer legitimate, or perhaps this applies more to an SEO specialist?


Quote from: arthyk on Oct 03, 2022, 07:10 AMSo, in your opinion, are these requirements for a designer legitimate, or perhaps this applies more to an SEO specialist?

I think everyone should do their own thing. The designer - to improve the appearance of the site, filling it with good content, and the SEO specialist - the attractiveness of the resource in search engines.

For example, the income in some art gallery fell. The administration of the institution decided that the whole thing - the external appeal of the building. Well, and forced the painter abstractionist to paint the facade of the building, at the same time to fix the benches in front, to clean the paths, mow the lawn. And so on, the little things - to fix the faucets in the restroom, put new glass in the ticket office.
Will this gallery be a success?
No, it won't.
Everyone has a job to do.


In fact, web design is an integral part of marketing, just like SEO. At the same time, the effect of developing a website with a high-quality design and focus on SEO promotion will obviously be stronger when both of these tools are used comprehensively, complementing each other.
There is a close connection between search engine promotion and the visual component of the project, because now a lot is determined by the behavioral factors of the site.
And web design, in turn, is focused on making the site user-friendly. However, the promotion of a site in search engines does not begin with an analysis of how the user behaves on it, but with determining whether the project meets the requirements of search engines. After all, first the user needs to be brought to this site. So you should make the latter attractive to search engines.

After Google  introduced mobile-first indexing, which gives preference to the mobile version of the site, the question of the appropriateness of the adaptive version of the site disappeared by itself.
It should be noted that this innovation did not arise out of the blue and is not imposed by search engines for nothing to do. Two years ago, 50% of the audience in some countries used the Internet using mobile phones.
So, web site should equally well solve the tasks of desktop and mobile users, i.e. E., all the points described above are implemented with a focus on users of different devices.