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Started by roslanovmax, Jul 13, 2022, 06:27 AM

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I have an old site that has been running for over 8 years. In what ways can it be updated? In terms of design and in terms of the engine, tell me step by step.
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First, ensure that everything on your site is working properly. Then you should clean up all the badlinks, core web vitals and check media usage, structure all your data and update seo. After this steps try to do an A/B test of desired content or updated versions of your site (easier if your site is on WordPress platform).


In order to update or modernize the site, you must adhere to the following criteria.
1) Analyze and think about what you want to change, what problems need to be fixed, what needs to be reworked or removed altogether. It is also worth analyzing the activity on the site and find out which pages are more popular. This will help you understand in what order to put the pages and products.
2) Carry out prototyping. The prototype is important for all project participants, both the client and the contractor. A site prototype can be developed in any program, the result is important, not the tool. For example, Figma or Axure RP are great for such tasks.
3) After choosing one of the versions of the prototype, you need to do visual design. The prototype at this stage acts as a "skeleton" on which all other organs of the body are installed. Use your "design system" when designing. The design system includes a set of rules for: colors, typography (styles, fonts and their application), icons, grids, padding, animations.
 4) After completing all the programming work, it is necessary to conduct a thorough check of the entire functionality of the site. You need to test the site both from the management side and from the user side. You need to reproduce all possible uses of the site and check the functionality. In addition, mandatory testing on different devices and platforms.
 5) Site support is a recommended service for all customers. Ideal support is a monthly "Check-up" of the site, all the main functionality, content status, system updates, and so on are checked.