Photoshop Vs Gimp

Started by #vikup34, Jun 20, 2022, 02:56 AM

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In terms of functionality, GIMP is not even close to Photoshop.
How close a family van doesn't stand next to a Ferrari.
But both are machines. With its own individual consumer niche.

Correctly noted above - if you used Photoshop, then you will no longer work with GIMP.
Another issue is money. But this issue, as the surrounding reality shows, is completely solvable.


I use many years Photoshop , and I not change it :) I download Gimp and try , simply use and really application for beginners.But for professional use, I choose Photoshop.


Photoshop development began back in 1990 at Adobe. The first version of the program was developed in 1987 by students John and Thomas Knoll. And in 1990, Adobe bought the rights to the program. The program had limited functionality and several other products were supplied with it, but over the time it has developed very much and has become one of the most serious graphic and web editors. Now the Photoshop team has many professional developers who are developing and adding new features.

The GIMP program was created five years later in 1995 by Peter Mathis and Spencer Kimball as a graduation project. The goal of developing the program was to reduce the need to use commercial projects for image editing. It was the first free professional image processing program. Now GIMP is still far from Photoshop, but this program can do almost everything, although in some cases it will be more difficult than in Photoshop. Gimp is developed by hundreds of developers around the world.

All professional designers or photographers, and just beginners, are familiar with the Photoshop interface, it is simpler and more intuitive. The interfaces of Gimp vs Photoshop are very distant .

The main window of Gimp is very unusual, it is divided into three parts - tools, workspace and an additional panel. All this and the arrangement of the instruments is very unusual. But you can get used to it with time. It's not that hard. additionally, in recent versions of Gimp, developers have added the ability to include a single window, which makes the Gimp interface more familiar.

The community of Photoshop users is undoubtedly larger. Most professionals use this application and there is nothing surprising about it. Therefore, documentation and training materials are also more for it. If you want to find any tutorials, it's easier to find Photoshop videos and books. Although there have been a few books for Gimp recently as well.

Photoshop is a professional tool that has a professional level price. Earlier versions of Photoshop cost hundreds of dollars. New versions are distributed by Adobe through Creative Cloud for a monthly fee. But Adobe has entire teams to help users, just call and ask for what you need.


It would seem that GIMP is not overloaded with unnecessary tools and takes 20 times less than Photoshop, and it starts faster. But when it comes to image processing speed and the use of filters, GIMP loses a lot. The guys from Adobe were really able to optimize the application to make everything work faster.