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Started by Corwin, Jan 12, 2023, 04:57 AM

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Hello. The task is this: there are several images that, even after compression, weigh more than a meter. That's quite a lot. Both for the site itself and for the disk space on the hosting.

Question: where can I post photos to upload them to the WordPress page from there. As an option, I look at FB, but I'm not sure that they will open without problems.


in any case, the safest and optimal solution is to store photos together with the site. Clouds are clouds, but if you suddenly violate someone's rights with some photo, and in the worst case scenario, your "terabyte" cloud can be covered with a copper basin with all the photos and other files on it. But if there is a terabyte on the Gmail  and even for free, then why not? It's up to you to decide which risks to choose.

But also from personal experience I can say that no hosting guarantees you 100% safety of your files hosted on their servers, including your sites.
It may be covered up so that nothing can be restored, or it will not be economically profitable to restore.
So it is optimal to store all your backup on some additional hard disk on your PC.

And so you can find cheap hosting somewhere in the Netherlands or in the USA, attach a subdomain from your main domain type there and post pictures there.
Large sites usually do this. The site itself is on some very high-quality hosting, the server of which is with powerful productive equipment, and the files are on other servers where the disk costs a penny.


need to look towards the clouds.
if you will choose among the "clouds" - look at the download speed.
With such meters, it is better to spend time studying and implementing and shipping quickly than to put what is easier to put and lose in loading time.


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