Recommendations for WordPress Translate Plugin

Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 20, 2022, 02:41 AM

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ANDRYUbTopic starter


If you have any experience with a WordPress translation plugin I would love to hear about it. I am currently researching Polyang, WPML, GTranslate and Translate Press. Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.



Hey, you can try using Weglot, it works with all WordPress themes, or Scrybs WordPress Multilingual. Hope it helps!


Most WordPress users recommending Weglot, that is a most common plugin, but WPML and Lingotek works just as well, also there are plugin named MultilingualPress, it's optimized for WordPress and has the easiest algorithm.


Translate is currently the best WordPress translation plugin compared to the many alternatives you can use.
Out of a 5 star rating, the average is 4.7 what is absolutely incredible given the number of websites we can find with this plugin.

It features a very quick installation, which in turn integrates easily with your pages or posts and creates a very friendly interface for your users.