Should I set up a forum?

Started by virtuatechnologies, Jul 11, 2022, 11:38 AM

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In one of the topics, the opinion was expressed "Forums time is already gone. Create publics on TW and FB, and then you will be happy .."

What do you think, it's really so? Does it make sense now to start new forums? Maintain existing ones? Buy someone else's?

Is it worth it to open forum sites that offer services. For example, a new registrar appears, starts an aggressive promotion, do they need a forum?


1. The time of common forums is gone. Chatting from forum posts moved to social networks. The format "see how I can, praise me, praise me" went there too.

2. Smart and qualified forums are only gaining popularity. Forums where they ask for specific advice from a qualified community, where they share opinions - these will live.

3. For an example with a registrar as support and answers to questions - it makes no sense. The exception is this forum. It works great as promotion of registrar services.


For 2 years there was a forum on xenforo, a darknet theme with a training center, as well as a drain of courses and earning schemes.
For the existence of the resource, I did not invest a cent, I steadily brought income until the RCN was blocked, and then I thought every day that I had to redirect to another domain name and so in the end, while I was thinking it had already been half a year, I finally scored, sometimes I regret it.


The forum is the right tool for expanding the site. It performs several tasks at once, but which you need to spend additional resources.
  • This is a legal source of emails for mailings to readers.
  • You will increase website traffic.
  • A good way to stay in the tops of search engines.
  • A good and effective way to get feedback from customers.

And much more.