Web-designer services or constructor? What's better?

Started by NadinKur, Oct 06, 2022, 10:54 AM

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NadinKurTopic starter

What do you think is better: to create a web-site yourself, or to entrust an experienced web-designer.  Is it better to use a website builder?


Depends on what kind of project you are creating and how much you are willing to invest in it. For example: if you are not strong in web design and HTML, but at the same time you need a simple page with information about yourself, a website builder is quite suitable for you. Well, if you are an ambitious person who sees prospects in creating websites for himself - go ahead and try to create it yourself. Also, if you just need to carry out some kind of web project, well, then of course it's better to hire a professional. 8)


Building a website takes time. If you have no experience, you will spend many hours figuring out how to do it. But you can save money. If you have money but no time, it is better to entrust an experienced web-designer.


I would trust an experienced performer after all. A person who does this professionally is much better versed in the theme of the design, and the content of the site. Page traffic directly depends on the design of the site. A well-thought-out interface and an interesting design attract you to go and climb the site).


Depends on what you need the site for. If you need a simple one-page landing page, of course, the constructor is enough. But keep in mind that the landing page needs to be constantly promoted in the search. If you need a corporate website of a company or an online store, you can also use a designer, but it will be more difficult to deploy it, so there is a chance that you will have to contact the developers. But it will definitely be cheaper and faster than ordering an individual design. And it's worth contacting a web designer if you haven't found the template you need, for example, or if you have a special idea. Either you need something very original, or some major solid project is planned. Everything is individual.


Despite the simplicity of the question, it is quite complex. There are pros and cons, but there are a few key points that a website builder will never be able to solve.
  • Technical possibilities of expanding and adding site functionality.
  • Safety. It is better to spend time and money on creating your own resource and not trust third-party companies
  • The site builder is not able to change anything in the settings and it is very problematic to take care of SEO promotion
  • The designer will not be able to satisfy the readers. The convenience of the resource for potential site visitors will be low or non-existent.
And then the choice is yours.


Website builders are a useful tool for those who want to try themselves on the market, create a page for personal use or a website for a small non-commercial project. This is a faster and cheaper way to express yourself and gather a small audience.

But, if the company's goal is real sales, presentation on the Internet to a large audience, brand formation and business prosperity, without a unique design and content, there is a risk of merging with many similar companies and not benefiting.
Web design primarily affects the income and influx of customers who use the Internet to learn about the company and buy goods or services. A web designer is needed for those who care about website conversion, their own reputation and the development of their business.


I think it all depends on what exactly you want to create. If you want a regular, one-page site, then the designer is at your service. The most important thing is to know how to use it. But if you need a rather complex site with a bunch of links and a chic design, it is better to trust the experts, that is, web designers. They will do everything right. Otherwise, in general, I would always trust web designers, but it is still better to entrust the work to someone who is better versed in it.