Web store: how to replace the inscription "out of stock"?

Started by SerenMckay, Jul 28, 2022, 08:27 AM

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SerenMckayTopic starter

Good day, I want to ask an advice from those involved in online shops, what to do with goods that are temporarily out of stock?

The situation is as follows, the product has run out, if you put the inscription "Out of stock" in the goods card, the users who came from the search engine and did not find what he came for, most likely will immediately close the page, and if he wandered through int. store, they won't even open the card with the product, which will negatively affect the PF or reduce the number of views and time spent on the website.

If you do not write that the product is over, the visitor makes an order, the manager calls him back, saying: Sorry, but the goods you have chosen is over. and often sells something similar. But the problem is the following, they often began to write about this in reviews and in discussions on social networks. networks that are not buzzing.

Does anyone know other ways to resolve this problem? And thanks in advance to everybody who replied..


Ok, you almost answered yourself: rather of this inscription, offer the client an analogue, bypassing the manager.

That is, you still need to indicate that there is no product, but then right away offer a list of similar products. This is usually done when the product is old, but there is traffic to the webpage.

If, in addition, analogues have a price that is more attractive than the original, then it is highly likely that the user will at least look at an alternative offer. Perhaps the price of analogues will have to be written side by side in order to interest the client, but this is a other question.


you can sign for goods that are "out of stock" that they are "not enough, find out from the manager", and the manager already informs him that the last one was taken away 15 minutes ago, but there are such and such analogues. Also, in the card, under "little" you can add "related products" or "analogues". In this case, you somehow warned that the product may not be available when ordering.


Well done on the outlet, see here at the bottom: https://hard.rozetka.com.ua/ua/hdd/c80084/21753=red/
This method was described somewhere and it works, collect an email database. That is also a great way to find out about the demand for a product.
instead of Out of stock, I put the inscription Specify the price, if a visitor needs a product, he calls, and the manager offers a similar product, or bring the product to order. On a rare product, that method works fine.