What are websites being developed on now?

Started by Jisoo, Aug 10, 2022, 05:22 AM

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JisooTopic starter

About 5 years ago I was interested in website development, but then I abandoned it. Recently, it has become interesting what modern trends and opportunities have appeared in terms of development.


If you mean exactly the subject of this branch, i.e. web design, trends in this sense are constantly changing. It is at the moment in vogue with a fairly restrained color scheme and conciseness, that is, moving away from last year's maximalism, that 'special' navigation effects, including 3D effects, remain in demand. ::)


The rest of the single-page sites are landing pages, where all the information is located on one long page with feedback or purchase buttons. And they are being assembled now on designers. It is very convenient and not expensive  ;)


As with all changes, so our website improvements. In 2023, although there are many differences from previous years, there are additions due to technological progress. Today is a time of knowledge, comfort, and pleasure. Every customer wants to have everything where they are. Therefore, e-commerce has evolved to bring everything to one door. Even in the modern world, knowledge, comfort, and luxury are. In addition, a lot of effort has been put into the responsiveness and accessibility of websites to provide the best user experience.