What is more important: content or design?

Started by Olexandro, Sep 12, 2022, 12:02 AM

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When it comes to web development, many designers I know face the dilemma of which is more important: content or design?


Are these things comparable? Content is just as important in its own way as design. Infringement of one of these components will cause equivalent damage to the perception of the site as a whole. Of course, there is a dependence on the direction, subject matter of the site. It is clear that a resource intended, for example, for a children's audience will benefit more from a beautiful design, but, say, for a scientific portal, content will come first. This question needs to be specified. :-*


This dilemma can be solved if you know what will be more important for the customer. If the site itself and its attractiveness are important to the customer, then we focus on design development. And vice versa.


Don't neglect the content. This is the first thing that makes you come back to your site. The maximum attention of the user is paid to the unique and relevant content on the site.
No matter how well-designed your site is, users will not use it just because it has unusual graphics.
Yes, design affects content, but its influence can be both beneficial and detrimental. The role of design in development is to support the content of web site. Without proper and high-quality design, the content may not be available to the user.

Texts, photos, design elements of your website are a single whole that simultaneously tells and draws the audience the story of your brand. Bright packaging or stylish design of a web resource can attract attention and cause admiration.
But this effect will be short-term without good texts filled with meaning. A good web site design increases the effectiveness of your words. On the other hand, even the best texts will remain unread if they have an unreadable appearance.

Content and design together give:
Trust in the site. If competent design and high–quality content are intertwined, this increases the user's trust.
The subsequent return of the user. If the user is satisfied with the design and relevant content, he will return.


Content!! I speak as a web developer with experience. Light, organic sites filled with the most important information that can be quickly found on any page and in search results are higher and traffic is greater and as a result bring more income. The mistake of customers - they rely on design, implement a bunch of banners, they will draw elements so that they shine and spin and spin, float out, pop out and draw other heresies. In addition to wasting time on developing such a design, they also lose customers because of the bulkiness and heavy loading. The design should be simple, intuitive and not load the site. But the content should be in the first place and thoroughly worked out. This post is more of an appeal to customers, super - beautiful elements of the site are not always good, but the perfect text, with 100% uniqueness, is always. 8)