Where do you get content for a site legally?

Started by _AnnA_, Aug 23, 2022, 08:50 AM

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I've borrowed some images from Pexels and Unsplash, but Pixabay has always been my favorite. It has been a long time since I visited it, but today I went there again for free pictures and saw this picture:
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It kind of makes me want to say "Well, fuck you...", but are there more sites like this? Where can I get content to fill the site, legally, and without copyright fees? With so many good free pictures for everything... design, content, etc.


Don't you have a virtual workstation somewhere in Russia? Of course, you don't have to make a big deal with another VPN, but you can install some kind of Browsec in "Chromium" and get to the Netherlands or the USA in one click, or go anywhere with a paid subscription.
And now the whole world is available, as well as pictures from stock markets.
So it's not much of a problem, I guess.

Yes, a unique picture - one of the factors in ranking a site, so it's easier to take from anywhere, unique in 5-20 minutes, if your hands are not crooked and imagination is there.


It depends on the subject, and tasks.
I take from stocks, from free packages design studios (freeware), make or compile myself. Many can be pulled from old advertising collections - the pictures are specific, but at least already free, over the expiration of rights, and look good. For client sites, you can take pictures from the site and promotional materials manufacturers. Many companies run their own photobanks, so it's even easier here.


Yes, the question of content legality is certainly interesting.
Paying for all the copyrights is not enough money. Even after the death of the copyright holder, the rights expire 70 years. If you are a legal entity and you allowed content to be posted illegally, you will be whаcked sooner or later. There's a 100 percent probability. It can be expensive to take whatever you want. Even though it's freely lying on a stack of resources about old advertising, without copyrights. The absence of an outright ban on use does not mean permission to use.

If we are talking about the old stock pictures or Coca-Cola commercials from the 40s - there is no risk to get in trouble.
Another thing is that the replicated content has no value, all the more so as an illustration.


There are entire offices that specialize in copyright. For example, the Russian VK-media, V-them. Bought the rights to the photos of the authors, in fact ordinary users of social networks for a penny, then bring charges webmasters who have placed on their site these photos, asking for each photo at least 30 thousand rubles. And if the news with their photos was also transmitted in the social network, then 30 thousand for each repost. They make millions because they win the courts. They sue the state websites, you can find a lawsuit on the Internet and for the site of the prosecutor's office in some region.

Last year sued them for one photo taken from the stock, there was an empty bottle on the bench, in general, the photo is empty. Of course I lost the trial, copyright and everything. The judge himself was not happy, said the photo has no value and reduced the amount of claims to 7 thousand rubles. They sent a legal request to the registrar of the domain, they can not but respond and open all the details of the owner.

Rotten office VK-Media masquerading as a media, making millions on the gray, but quite legitimate extortion. Be careful!

My solution: Google Images with creative commons rights filter. Cheap and sulfurous.


Quote from: SIROTA on Aug 23, 2022, 11:57 AMRotten office VK-Media masquerading as a media, making millions on the gray, but quite legitimate extortion. Be careful!

That's right. And this practice is actively proliferating, many lawyers have figured out how to squeeze a penny out of a business that has inaccurately used someone else's photo through the courts. Indeed, on legal grounds.

So colleagues, before you use a photo found on the Internet, very carefully check the sources and if you see that the picture belongs to a photographer (especially a professional photographer) - do not take it, because even if many are now using it, then it is very likely that you will knock on the door of the law firm, which represents the author, and to charge 1000 dollars in damages for each photo.

I work with vector images, I often download from Freepik, they have both premium and free copyright free graphics.


Public Domain Pictures [nofollow]
There are free pictures here, without copyright fees.

On the site in the search box look for the desired picture, in the search results the top pictures are paid, just below - free.
Go to the picture, at the bottom go to the Free download button. Take it away.


Now it's so difficult to find content for personal use or to fill the site on commercial terms, everyone wants uniqueness, and you can create it yourself.
I like the site Freepik, there's both paid content and free.
Even if you download photo and manually correct it, then no one will guarantee, the owner of the photo will be found sooner or later, and he willn't claim his rights to it, for which you will have to pay.


   Interview. You will be required to prepare for the meeting in advance, clearly explain to the person what you want from him, provide a meeting at a technical level (prepare a voice recorder, camera, microphone, props, and so on), think over the scenario.
By the way, you can easily get an interview by phone or even via Skype, this does not require any complex technical equipment.
People are interested in interviews only if you know how to ask questions.

   Comments. Really catchy, informative, succinct interviews do not leave anyone indifferent. And it does not matter here whether the content is presented in the text version or video or audio is used.
Comments on various issues are also a relevant topic. For example, you have 10 friends who are doing completely different things. Some dance, others work in a bank, and others are engaged in the tourism business.
Take news from each area and ask competent people from your circle to comment on them. The resulting material will need to be processed qualitatively and can be uploaded to the website! You have created unique content just for free!

   Master classes. This type of content is very popular. People are often looking for information on how to do something on their own, looking for expert advice, and so on.
Such content is really valuable, because it allows a person to save their own resources. If your project is dedicated to high-quality master classes on various topics, then you will be able to quickly attract an interested audience.
Master classes are easy to do if there is a person who understands how to teach and what is interesting to the audience. Ideally, such people will already have experience working with the audience and will be able to explain step by step.
 In the publication of master classes, the form of presentation and the quality of content are important. Photos and videos should be of high enough quality.

   Presentations are another interesting type of content. You can ask a person to make a presentation of something. The presentation can be made using a director's approach. For example, you can ask a person to make a presentation of himself or a product to which he is related (all of us work somewhere and are related to the creation of any products).
An interesting, informative presentation about a product, event or person can interest the audience, because every time it will be something new! Creativity and the ability to find non-standard solutions are very important in creating such presentations.


I already like the question. Quality content can be written by a creative writer. If such a question arose, then this is a small problem. If such a question arose, then this is a small problem.
1. Buy ready-made articles from authors or ask them to write something interesting.
2. Find deceased sites and merge texts from this resource.
3. Rewrite interesting content.
As a result, you need to have either money or talent.
And then everything will work out for you.