Where get photos for website?

Started by akeelow, Sep 07, 2022, 12:55 AM

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For attractive articles  design for an emerging website, I need a large number of photos.
Photos with Schwarzenegger - finding them is not a problem. And what about the legal nuances?  So that later there would be no rights to the photo, we will file a lawsuit, payments, fines and the like. I do not pretend at all to the exclusivity of these images. If necessary, I will indicate the source. The main thing is that there will be no headache later. What are the nuances here?


It is worth negotiating if they are the copyright holders of these images, do you really think that they have any rights to the posted photos?  :unsure: As for me, they are all "trained".
As a source, I would simply indicate where they took it from, in plain text (without a link), and without any agreements (I did not see any text prohibiting the use of photos).
The purpose of specifying the source is to avoid unlikely proceedings rather with the authors (which is unlikely to happen).

If you need photos on different topics, then there are a huge number of photo stocks for this, both paid and free. Of the free ones, you can see that
 one: https://pixabay.com .
On that resource (as well as on other free ones), you are looking for images and see what is written. If there is a note "indication of authorship is not required" or something like that, then you can quite calmly take the picture, download it and place it on yourself. It is also necessary to carefully read about the types of licenses for materials on each such project and study in detail all the nuances of these licenses (whether it is necessary to specify the author, can be used on commercial projects or only for personal purposes, whether it is possible to somehow change the image or not, and so on).

If you need photos directly with Schwarzenegger, then there is an option to contact him personally and get permission to use his materials, for instance, from an Instagram account. He has been running the channel for a long time, he has a lot of materials there. 
And the legal nuances are not to take someone else's without asking. That's all the nuances.