Which design is better?

Started by amomswish, Aug 22, 2022, 01:28 AM

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When launching a new site, it is better to develop a unique design, as a rule, this is not a cheap pleasure and stretched out in time, there will also be layout.
Or buy a ready-made template, the price is a little lower, the quality is not inferior, maybe even better and you get it right away?

I like resources of that kind https://themeforest.net/ Very high quality templates at an affordable price, for example:
Implemented several options and only 18$
If the project doesn't work out, it's not a pity, but immediately pay off $150-200 for the main page and $50 for the rest, this is just a design, then about $50 for the layout of every page. I think you can calculate the budget.


Previously, followed the strategy of downloading free templates. For own projects, the option is quite working, but it causes some problems when cutting out copywriting, hidden low-quality links, and the absence of a license for important plugins. With skillful hands and experience, you can spend a few extra hours to set up the blocks as needed, or you can go the other way.

When a client urgently needed a fully functional site on an affordable CMS. The choice fell on WordPress because. he and I understand how the work with the main ingredients is carried out (adding / deleting records, a clear editor, free plugins, etc.). I took the theme on https://themeforest.net, however, there may be problems with installation, license renewal. This way is shorter, more expensive, safer.

There is also a 3rd, 4th way. Do everything yourself or make a competent technical task for a proven layout designer, put it on WP.


Simple design is surely not always cool and "attractive", but this is a beginner website)
I think that you can take free templates (simple) to remake them for yourself, so to speak, the most important thing is not to overdo it.

Many people think that the more the better, inversely proportional)
Sometimes a simple website design "catches" much more than a confusing site
For simple "washers" of the network, simple sites are more "attractive"
So to say, look for the golden mean, in which your website will be both creative, simple and "addictive"
Of course, you can buy expensive templates with an individual development of the website concept, but why?
After all, you yourself won't really understand it, and then you need to edit it if something happens, it's better to create it yourself, yes, for a long time, it may not work the first couple of times, but then you will understand how everything works.