WP page search. Not all is well.

Started by Ronny, Aug 19, 2022, 01:22 PM

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RonnyTopic starter

Hello, such a problem: the search does not scroll through the information on the pages.
I think at the base WP and this should not be, but maybe you can fix it? In functions something to prescribe or maybe it is somewhere in the panel is included.

I tried googling, but "search by page" does not explain that "pages" in wp is a separate branch with its own properties.

Or in a pinch can there be a plugin?


Try this plugin.
True, it's quite critical to MySQL volume limitations. Or rather, it's not the plugin that requires large size, it creates extra rows in tables. But, - chic and glitter for more flexible search.
Multiply wp_posts table size of your existing database by 3 - 3,5 for a rough estimate of future size.