WP page search. Not all is well.

Started by Ronny, Aug 19, 2022, 01:22 PM

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RonnyTopic starter

Hello, such a problem: the search does not scroll through the information on the pages.
I think at the base WP and this should not be, but maybe you can fix it? In functions something to prescribe or maybe it is somewhere in the panel is included.

I tried googling, but "search by page" does not explain that "pages" in wp is a separate branch with its own properties.

Or in a pinch can there be a plugin?


Try this plugin.
True, it's quite critical to MySQL volume limitations. Or rather, it's not the plugin that requires large size, it creates extra rows in tables. But, - chic and glitter for more flexible search.
Multiply wp_posts table size of your existing database by 3 - 3,5 for a rough estimate of future size.


The versatility of WordPress makes it easy to customize search results. You can use the code, for example, to modify a file search.php , or you can use a plugin. We recommend the latter approach because it is easier for most WordPress users to install and maintain plugins.

There are several options that you can use to customize the internal search results pages.
But you can always dive into the code search.php (although this is best left to experienced users familiar with PHP and CSS coding), there are several plugins that you can use to implement similar changes. The choice of the most appropriate functionality will depend on you and your site. Small personal sites can benefit from free plugins, while larger sites may require a premium solution.

As always, we also recommend making a backup of your WordPress site before making any updates or changes. Let's dive!
Enable or highlight a search query as a reminder of the original search.

How to customize search page results in WordPress

One of the best tips I've ever heard about internal site search results pages is that the closer you make them look like standard Google search results pages, the better.
One way to do this is to include the search query your visitor was looking for at the top of the search results page. This is an easy way to show visitors that the search was actually performed, even if it turned out to be empty (and perhaps a typo is to blame). It also allows your readers to double check if they entered the phrase correctly and if they spelled the words correctly.

Search & Filter [nofollow] is a free plugin that works with the default search function for WordPress. This will allow users to search on every password-unprotected page of your site. In addition, it offers functionality that allows you to place a search query at the top of the results pages or even provide users with the ability to organize search results (note that this is in the Pro version).


Hi. I recommend this plugin Ajax Load More. Or a light version of it. He helped me.
This plugin is fully customizable and uses Ajax based requests to load elements on individual pages.
The plugin has repeater template functionality and a handy shortcode builder. Templates define how your content appears in your site's interface. The Lite version is free, but the Pro version is expensive.
Good luck.