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Started by zoesmith01, Oct 16, 2022, 01:10 AM

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Hello everybody. Please tell me, the organization has a working Exchange Server 2013, I decided to somehow raise the mailer for myself too (well, you never know, practice, etc.).
It is necessary to register A record in web hosting control panel, there is a line there (they say from which ip your mailer will be visible).
Here's what I think, nothing terrible will happen if this ip is already bolted to one domain?

That is, there is a working postman, (purchased domain, rented hosting). I also have another domain name, which is on a completely different hosting.
For practice, so that MY mailman works as fully as a worker, so that the same antispam can be tested, for example.


You need to create three records:
The provider's PTR\in the hosting provider's panel\may already have
A ala mail.domain.com
MX with a cost, say 30
If the main MX is unavailable, the mail will go to your test server
Check the SPF again.

Without having the necessary experience, I strongly do not recommend getting into the production system
Get a test domain\ip\server - play around on it.


Record A (address) is one of the key resource records of the Internet. It is needed to link the domain to the IP address of the server. Until the A-record is registered, the site will not work. When you enter the name of the site in the browser address bar, the DNS determines from which server you need to open your site using the A-record.

In the Subdomain field, enter the subdomain name or the @ icon (if you want to select your primary domain);
In the Value field, the IP address of the site server that will be opened by the domain name.