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Started by minhtuyen19091, Oct 06, 2022, 04:01 AM

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What is needed for full access to website, its database, and the like.
Let's say there is site on the WordPress engine, I have a login and password from the WordPress admin panel.
But it feels like something is missing.
Maybe there is not enough login and password from the hosting, domain and web server?

I'm confused, help me understand which usernames and passwords are needed for full access to website.
I want to manage a database.


Quote from: minhtuyen19091Maybe there is not enough login and password from the hosting, domain and web server?

Exactly. But there is one thing: either hosting or server. It is not necessary to get rid of the domain if it was bought where webhosting is.
All this should be given by the hosting provider when buying website. Most often there should be access from the In-panel, where you communicate with technical support, see how much money is on the balance and more. And cPanel, where you already directly access the database and other settings.

The same access is from ftp.
But it can be different in different hosting services. Read the hosting documentation and communicate with technical support.


I agree with matrix. In addition, there is no creation of administrative access to the site administration for all employees of the company.
Domain registration should only be for an employee of your company. Not for a helper.
For greater security of access to the administrative part of the site, mail and social accounts, it is necessary to develop complex passwords. And they must be different. If your administrative password is "12345678", please fix it as soon as possible.
Regularly, in manual mode, update the software and individual blocks of the system.
Organize access to the file system without restrictions via FTP. Get hosting access from the database.

And luck will be with you.