Melted Web Server

Started by EJASNathan, Nov 02, 2022, 04:21 AM

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EJASNathanTopic starter

Hello, such a problem: after compiling Apache, there is a large loss of packets, and the temperature of the case rises. The whole Google crawled — I can't solve the problem on my own.
Technical support staff respond surprisingly quickly:
Dear Mr. %name%, you did everything absolutely right, and you set the optimal settings during compilation.
There is a problem on our side: there is a fire in the data center. We will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.


There was a similar case. I worked in the technical support of a special communications operator, reporting is in full swing, just a stream of calls from people who can't send a report to some FIU begins, everything is normal for us.
We get through to the amino acids of the FIU, they say yes, our sideboard burned down. We ask when you will fix it? In response, never, he burned down along with the building. Here was a light hysterical laugh.

Or, there was also at my hosting provider. A short circuit in the process of electrical work followed by a fire was restored only after 8 hours, in the process the loss of all data and the promised backups from the hosting provider did not turn out.
But, while they were restoring, I moved to DO and began to restore the bases in pieces.