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Started by jamesanderson11, Nov 21, 2022, 10:10 AM

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How to make a local hosting so that you can create sites and not bother with web hosting?
In General, I am developing sites, free hosting so that there are 7 sites and 7 databases I did not find.
I'm thinking whether it is possible to organize local hosting on a computer, and make your own sites there, and store them.

And another question with domains, where to get them, I will be satisfied with any,  just to test sites and create. Tell me how to deploy such a system and how ?


- You need a white IP if you want to test them "from the outside" and run the port to the computer if there is a router (and now it's hard to imagine that there wasn't one).
- Domains are taken from registrars that offer such services. Third-level domains (ххх.ууу.com where - second-level domain, and xхx is your domain) you can get it for free.

You can also find second-level domains for free,  but in other TLDs - they are second-level domains usually cost money, and they are not bought, but rented for a year.
- About the system - OpenServer, Denwer - will go to the start, although it would be nice to understand what it consists of and how it works.


There is a thing called coLinux.
 It is a Linux kernel patched in such a way that it works in parallel with the NT kernel without using hardware virtualization. As a result, it has access to the file system and the network stack, which allows you to hang on the same network card with a separate IP without any problems and work with files as if they were inside a Linux file system. The core itself eats 20 meters maximum of resources.
 An ideal option for deploying an environment close to the server environment on Windows.