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Started by Сергей Нижегородцев, Jun 19, 2022, 08:18 AM

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cloudlinux has new feature AccelerateWP,

do you know it ?


It seems that people here think that Redis object cache is a magic bullet to improve WP site speed. This is not true. Object cache will improve performance for ~6-8% of WP sites on a typical shared server. For the rest, it will be no performance improvement or worst performance. More exactly - the performance degradation would be seen on ~20% of WP sites. So adding object cache is not a solution. Knowing where it should be added is the major value.

AcellerateWP is included free with CloudLinux Shared Pro and will include all the optimizations that are generic for all sites.

AcellerateWP Premium, which includes object caching, shortcode caching, query caching, and many other "corner" performance improvement things in the future will be per site, where it helps. There is a lot of work involved to track each particular edge case and come up with a solution that can speed it up. In most cases, it affects 3-5% of the sites, and is not beneficial (at best) to most sites. We need to work through a huge number of scenarios, and the value of this is huge.

Major part of it - figuring out when there is a benefit, and when theresn't. It would take hundreds or even thousands of dollars of expert help to resolve such issue for site owners otherview. We believe your customers would be happy to pay you to resolve performance issues with WP, and that you will benefit greatly from us investing heavily in handling as many such situations as possible.


AccelerateWP is a set of optimization modules that allows clients to find and fix performance issues at both the server and application levels. The modules can be accessed from the cPanel control panel feature manager. Modules applicable with AccelerateWP:

Website Optimization Module: An auto-deployed WordPress plugin that allows a site owner to manage optimization options for a WordPress website.

Page caching

Image caching

CSS and JS caching

Lazy loading (only show requested content)

Cache, URL and font preload

Object Cache module: advanced object caching based on Redis

Caching requests to external databases

Large Text Object Caching

shortcode caching (coming soon)

Object Cache appears as a WP plugin.
It can be customized based on user and website requirements. Optimization can be enabled for CSS and JavaScript files. Preload caching allows you to use background caching, which is very useful when you visit a site for the first time. It also comes with a set of advanced rules to fine-tune, clean up unused data, and manage WordPress Heartbeat by providing a communication protocol between the browser and the webserver.