Is it possible to install ISPmanager instead of cPanel on webhosting?

Started by judii, Jul 15, 2022, 04:59 AM

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When I initially bought my hosting plan, ISPmanager was not available as an option on the panel list, so I had to settle for cPanel. However, the hosting service now offers ISPmanager and I requested to switch to it instead of cPanel. The host's response was that I would have to transfer the resources from cPanel to ISPmanager myself.

Additionally, they explained that since the service specified in my plan was used with the cPanel panel, I would need to make a new order if I wanted to switch to the ISPmanager panel. It is not possible to switch between different panels; only between different plans within the same panel. I am confused as to why it is difficult to simply remove cPanel and install ISPmanager on the hosting plan.


The situation is straightforward. Although the service was being provided normally, you were dissatisfied and desired a different one. It is important to note that the panels are not interchangeable and transfers between them must be done manually. If you wish to replace CPanel with ISPmanager, it is technically possible, but it would require many hours of manual work.


The hosting panel, as a rule, is the only one on the server. It is intended for everyone. Get ready to change with the panel and the server, most likely, and IP.
If you want to play with panels and other software, order a VPS and expect to pay for additional software. It is usually paid, like administration.
By the way, you may not need this panel on your VPS. You can replace SSH.


If you opt for shared web hosting, the panel is not installed exclusively for you, but for all users. Since each panel stores data differently, it is not feasible to transfer it automatically between them.

 It would be challenging and unlikely for someone to do so without cost. Even if you were to delete the panel, it would be impossible as others are using it. Furthermore, removing the panel would not solve your issue as it would erase all account entries.