jetbackup v4 or v5 ?

Started by JSImediaJS123, Jul 01, 2022, 08:45 AM

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JSImediaJS123Topic starter

do you use jetbackup v4 or v5 ?
do you recommend v5 ?

i use v4 for a long time,
i think find any special issue on it.

with new server,
i wonder if i should begin installing v5?
do you have any experience or suggestion?


Let's say you only have a JetBackup backup of a cPanel account available, and approach another cPanel host who does not use JetBackup, they won't be able to restore it for you unless they pull the backup to pieces and manually restore databases, files, email accounts, etc - not really ideal, and increases the likelyhood of something being missed - a problem you don't suffer when a host restores a full cPanel backup.

In an ideal world, you would have the option to generate a "normal" full cPanel backup (i.e. using the cPanel Backup Wizard), but I've noticed some hosts who use third-party backup systems like JetBackup disable that functionality, so it's either JetBackup's backups or nothing - excluding any application-level backups you may take (i.e. backupbuddy).

It's not end of the world type stuff, there's way to deal with it, but certainly it would make life easier for end-users and hosts if JetBackup 5 just used cPanel's own data structure.


For me I haven't found JetBackup 5 to be as reliable as JetBackup 4 when it comes to restoring accounts. JB4 is a rock solid product that just works.

I've tried doing a couple of full cPanel server restores using JB5 and ran into issues both times that needed manual intervention. Off the top of my head:

- If restoring accounts to a server with a different IP to the one that generated the backup JB5 wont update the DNS zones to point to the new IP

- Some accounts would only restore if I changed the "Allow unregistered domains" option to "On" in WHM > Tweak Settings prior to running the restore

- DNS zones were restored with incorrect ownership

- I can't remember the exact details but I'm fairly sure I ran into issue when trying to restore a suspended account as well

They did acknowledge the DNS zone IP issue as a bug and gave me a case number but I haven't noticed it showing up in any of the changelogs.

If JetBackup 4 was compatible with CentOS 8/AlmaLinux I would use that over JB5 but we'll just have to hope that the bugs get ironed out. A lot of the issues do seem to stem from the custom file backup file structure that has been mentioned previously.

From what I can see they now have to use various cPanel API calls to restore various aspects of an account and then pull the files across whereas before they could utilize the built in cPanel restorepkg script which always worked without issues.


JetBackup is a great cPanel account backup solution. JetBackup allows you to quickly and efficiently back up cPanel accounts using cPanel Remote or local incremental backups (as well as other backup schemes).

Features of JetBackup:

Incremental backups
JetBackup uses what is known as "incremental incremental backups". It requires less space (using hard links) to back up accounts! For 18 days of backup in a 4 GB cPanel account, only 4 GB will be used + 18 days of new / changed files!

cloudlinux support
JetBackup includes support for CloudLinux, you can put the backup process in LVE.

Self recovery
Each user of cPanel hosting can independently work with backups through the net interface of the hosting panel without the need to contact technical support.

Multiple destinations
You can assign as many backup destinations as you want! Local backups, remote SSH, remote FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox!
And much more ..