There is Linux at server provider. Is it possible to place Windows there?

Started by JSImediaJS123, Jul 03, 2022, 09:24 PM

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JSImediaJS123Topic starter

Hi all!

I found a good offer for VPS, but there is Linux only.

Is it possible to organize the deployment of Windows Server under some of the operating systems?
There is a list to choose from:

     Cent OS 8
     Cent OS 7
     Debian 10
     Debian 9
     Ubuntu 20.04
     Ubuntu 18.04
     Ubuntu 16.04
     Fedora 32
     openSUSE Leap 15.1
     FreeBSD 12.1
     Arch Linux

What do you think?


Maybe. But it's very hard to replace the container.
It is unlikely that this is available to the user. You can try to update it from within Windows. Don't know if ride or not.

I once had an attempt to update the kernel on a VPS with ubuntu. It didn't work. Contacted technical support. As a result, they said, that in the OpenVZ environment it's not possible.


It may be, check your VPS environment. I think it's quite possible if you use Cent or Arch Linux, ubuntu is less likely to be organized somehow and it's just turning off when you try to deploy windows on there.


Installing the server is quite simple. To install a server at home or in an office that will perform fairly simple tasks - you can choose a regular computer, install a special server operating system on it and connect it to a local network or the Internet.
If you want your server to be accessed via the Internet, then the server must have a permanent external IP address. As a rule, servers work around the clock, but if you do not need it, then they can be turned off when they are not needed.

For even simpler tasks, you can install a local server on your computer. That is, the server will be installed on the computer using a special program, so you can simultaneously work on the computer and organize the server on it - the main thing is that there are enough resources. How to install a local server on Windows?
To do this, you need to download the Denwer program - that program organizes a local server on your computer. There are a lot of instructions for installing and configuring it on the Internet, and that is a topic for a separate article. The same goes for installing a local server on Linux.

Special racks are used to install corporate servers. You can order such racks freely on the Internet, there are a lot of resources that sell such equipment. In turn, you can choose the size and parameters of the racks, in accordance with the number of servers and the tasks that they will perform.

When you buy a rack, you need to install it in a well-ventilated area. Install them in such a way that they do not interfere with anyone, and they have free access. Mount the racks, and then run the electrical cable and network to them.

Server components are placed in special chassis. In the chassis, everything is thought out for compact placement of server components. Thus, it will not be difficult for you to install components there. When the components are installed, the chassis is inserted into the rack and a trial run of that
server is performed. The server operating system is then installed on the server and it is ready to go.