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Started by Mycrib, Jul 04, 2022, 01:28 PM

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It's required not exactly hosting, but something similar. I looked at the current offers - a bit different.
More specifically.

Not needed: mysql and other databases, disk space, etc.
Needed: nx servers for DNS, the ability to register at least 3-5 domain names (or one but with subdomains), ns config, mx, redirects. (there is a domain name, the site is also physically stored, dns is not enough)

I solved the problem by buying a penny shared server about half a year ago (~ $1 for 3 months) and set up what I need (I don't use the database and the disk place).
It sometimes gets stupid and is not available for an hour or two.
The main thing is that problems with payment began (they don't see my money. They promised to sort it out, but it's already been 2 months, the problem has not been solved). I want to transfer dns somewhere, but not to another penny shared.

Hemanth malli

Well you have two options:

1. Take the cheapest VPS and set up bind there.
2. go to an office that provides paid DNS services

On the first option, I see more stability, because. there you set everything up. In terms of tariffs, I can advise this category, the cheapest tariff will suit you. The only thing I can advise is to install Ubuntu, it eats less memory.

Also keep in mind that to organize a full-fledged DNS server, you will need 2 IPs from two geographically distant subnets.
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It has now become more difficult for hosting companies to provide dns-hosting services, because of ipv4 range.
The retail price for customers  has jumped to $2 per ip-address.

it means that it is already required to allocate a couple of ips for the provision of this service and the price will be $4.
In addition, not everyone is ready to pay for this pleasure.
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there is a VDS on 1vds (replace 1 with a copybook) there is a VDS, the office provides you with the DNS servers that you manage for free, for $1 / month (maybe less, I don't remember exactly) you make yours, that is, one on your server, the second, slave they have, but you control them too. So everything is as it should be, the subnets are different. Most offices have a test drive, you can take it, attach one domain and try it.

If there are few domains 1-5, you can try editdns
They leave a free service, but cut it off very much - there will be no ready-made templates and synchronization. on one account there are no longer 20, but 5 domains. But the possibility of SRV — in my opinion, they leave. Although manually driving in SRV records for Jabber from Google Apps is not an easy task.

fastvps for three bucks a month, secondary raised there, primer - on the main server.
Accordingly, for 6 bucks a month or for an additional IP, you can have DNS on a weak VDS. Setting it up isn't as hard as it seems.