Move Addons from one Owned WHMCS license to Monthly WHMCS license?

Started by kotowicz, Jun 23, 2022, 03:43 AM

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kotowiczTopic starter

I have the Configurable Package Addon attached to my Owned license, but I was forced to signup for one of the new Monthly WHMCS licenses and also purchased the Android App Yearly license so I could continue to use it. So I already have an Owned WHMCS license and an Owned Android App license that I cannot use.

I also have a Configurable Package Addon owned license connected to my Owned WHMCS license. I guess WHMCS will not move that to my WHMCS Monthly license either? Will they want me to purchase a new Yearly license of Configurable Package Addon to use it with my Monthly WHMCS license?

I have already created a ticket with WHMCS, but I thought I would check if anyone managed to get WHMCS to move any of their Addons from Owned license to Monthly license?

It is one thing if you cannot use the primary core WHMCS license, but not being able to use the Addon licenses either is, well


I can't speak for them (especially after recent changes there), but they used to allow transfers within the same account, so that should be allowed.
As for moving to a new license for monthly, I thought that used the same license, just changed the terms. They require a new license and key for that?


From what I read, they would allow migration of the addon, but keep us updated.
Mines next year, but thinking of just getting a license via a reseller account and leaving current addons with owned.

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