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Started by Mritunjay, Sep 27, 2022, 03:03 AM

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MritunjayTopic starter

Guys, tell me who has problems with GoDaddy of this nature: already during a couple of months, an error has appeared 3 times that website does not open via https protocol, when checking the server response through the webmaster, it is indicated that "this certificate has already been issued to another website" there are no problems with the certificate or anything else,  support as always sorry-sorry, they corrected everything OK, but it doesn't suit me,
I want to understand what's going on, because if this happens all the time, then well, what the hell is webhosting, like a large office, when I was on the other hosting provider, this never happened.


do you have a shared without a dedicated IP?

even on ISPmanager there used to be such a problem that there was only one certificate for 1 IP, otherwise the websites were linked.
there is usually no such problem on cPanel, but on ISP it depends on the curve of the hosting provider's server settings.
If you want to work professionally with web sites, order an IP (it has been necessary for a long time), if you have an ISPmanager, you may need 2 IPs.