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Started by Sereda_V_V, Jul 26, 2022, 08:04 AM

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I didn't have to deal with cPanel much, the question is: There is an account  with domen1, without reseller privileges.
I need to add domain2 to it. Domen2 is currently at a different hosting. We go to addon domains and add it there .. and it is not added - we must first change the dns.
Question1 - what the hell, why can't I just add it, and then transfer dns? some inconvenience..

Farther. The root of domain2 is located in domain1[public_html]/domain2, and the hotlink protection on domain1 installed by standard means of the panel does not allow pictures to be loaded on domain2 pages.

Is this my fault or feature? or have I overlooked something?

And at last 3 - statistics tools consider only domain1. there are also statistics on 3rd level domains, but domain2 is not a 3rd level domain. It turns out there are no stats on it at all?

What does it look like, such a cool and expensive cPanel.. and the domain is added through .. and works through ..? In direct admin everything was much facile..

Or am I dumb and don't see something evident?


The domain is added correctly, but the cPanel tells you in response what exactly is wrong with you.
When adding an additional or parked domain, the cPanel checks its existence and whether it points to the NS of this server, if something is not there, a whаck is given.

Those. in other words - in order to successfully add a domain, it is necessary that at the time of adding this domain really exists and already points to the NS of the server. In the administration settings of WHM (as well as some other panels too), such a check can be disabled, but this acts on security, so the option for such a check is enabled in most cases.


cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) is a new generation of hosting control panel system. Both cPanel and WHM have a large number of features, and also include an easy-to-use web interface (GUI).
WHM allows you to manage individual accounts and reseller accounts, perform basic maintenance of the system and control panel using a secure interface.
cPanel is designed for end users of your system and allows them to control all processes, from adding/removing email accounts to managing MySQL databases.

You can trademark your skin in just 5 minutes! A beautiful-looking Cpanel overlay skin for your end users, in which you can individually customize the skin header, support links and help links. Your Cpanel may look like your web hosting website.
Resellers also get the opportunity to customize and trademark their own cPanels and absolutely customize their offers based on what you allow them to sell.

Safe and stable operation of the system
Using Panel/WHM, you can set disk space and traffic limits, as well as set access rights for any domain name owner and restrict access to certain applications, enable and disable SSH access. Each user will manage the functions only within their own web space.

The cPanel/WHM system supports operation via the regular HTTP protocol and via the secure HTTPS protocol.

Ease of use
The system is very easy to use and can be configured with just a few mouse clicks. For all functions, there are hints in the control panel that will be understandable even to inexperienced users. With the help of WebHost Manager, you can control absolutely all issues of web hosting environment, from installing RPM packages and adding applications to formatting hard drives.

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels for web hosting. Therefore, you can easily transfer sites from one hosting provider to another, if both cPanel is installed there.

The ability to install applications developed by a third party (script libraries, theme management systems and interface languages) in one click. You can also install additional Perl, PEAR modules for PHP and RubyGems via a convenient web interface.

Individual visual adjustment of the system
In cPanel/WHM, you can easily use different interface languages. You can also easily change the design and design the panel in your corporate style.