Server backup.

Started by Term, Aug 12, 2022, 11:49 AM

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ISPmanager backup is configured from the root user in the menu section "Tools → Backups".
Description of settings:

Storage type - Select local if you do not have other sources for storing backups. This option is suitable for most users, but it is unsafe, since it is not advisable to store backups on the same disk where your data is located.

The path to the folder is the path in the directory where your backups will be stored. You can leave it unchanged - /var/backup

Total volume - the total volume of backups occupied. This parameter determines the number of copies to be saved and the disk space occupied on the server. This is a very important parameter, we recommend setting the volume always less than the current free disk space.
For instance, you have a tariff plan with 10 GB of disk space, of which 2.5 GB is occupied by your data, then the total volume of backups should be installed no more than 8.5 GB .

Exclude files - a list of files and directories that need to be excluded from the backup. The path is specified relative to the user's home directory, usually it is /var/www/username. That is, if you plan to exclude a temporary directory by the path /var/www/username/data/temp/, then in this field you must specify the following entry relative to the user directory - data/temp.
Recommended that you always exclude temporary directories, site caches, and other data that is not important for saving from the backup. This will speed up the creation of a backup and reduce the load on the server.

Exclude databases - a list of databases that should not be included in the backup. If you have test or temporary databases, we recommend that you exclude them, this will speed up the creation of backups.

By default, a backup is created daily at 3 a.m. server time.
You can change the time and frequency of the schedule in the "System -> Scheduler" section, select the task and click the "Change" button.